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Review of Wolf in the Shadows

Let me start by saying that The Legend of All Wolves is my favorite series about shifters.  Maria Vale’s unique take on wolves has enchanted me from the beginning.  The wolves of the Great North Pack are a family that only wants to live life on their own terms.  But the outside world keeps trying to interfere. 

Among the worst meddlers are the shifters.  These are beings that can shift at will, or even not shift at all.  This sets them apart from the wolves of the Pack who are influenced by the moon. 

Wolf in the Shadows storyline overlaps with Season of the Wolf with new viewpoints introduced.  In these stories, shifters have invaded the Pack’s land for nefarious reasons.  The Pack has prevailed so far, but more than one shifter has been captured by the Pack.  Julie is one such shifter and, in this story, she struggles to survive in this new environment.  She is assigned to Arthur, who’s own past is complex and poignant.  As they spend time together, they evolve into strong indivudals doing their best to overcome their pasts.

I am fascinated by the Pack’s dichotomy of sharp intelligence and unworldliness.  Nature governs their existence and they have adapted to make the most of life in their territory.  The outside world constantly challenges.  The Pack does not understand what motivates people in the outside world.  Even worse, the outside world will never understand the Pack.

Each book in this series makes the story deeper, richer, better.  These stories of wolves who take human form are unique within the paranormal genre and I recommend them to anyone that enjoys wolf/shifter fiction.

Through NetGalley, the publisher provided a copy of this book.  My review is my honest opinion.


About Wolf in the Shadows by Maria Vale

Shifter Julia Martel has been spoiled and pampered by all the alpha males around her whose urge to protect her have left her uninformed and vulnerable. Now the Great North Pack has relegated Julia to the care of the wolf at the very bottom of the Pack hierarchy, Arthur Graysson. Julia wants nothing to do with the Pack, except to escape back to her life of luxury and idleness, but the more time she spends with Arthur, the more she learns about the Pack, the dark secrets Arthur carries with him, and the fierceness within herself that could save them all…



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