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This is the book Kat Holloway fans have been waiting for.  I’ll tell you why, but first….

In The Secret of Bow Lane, the mystery is about Joe Bristow, the man Kat thought she was once married to until she found out he was already married to someone else.  The death of her ‘husband’ left Kat in poverty, but it is also what led her to become the best cook in all of London.  While he died many years ago, his actual wife contends that he left a fortune somewhere and she needs help finding it. Bow Lane is Kat’s old neighborhood and there is more than one intriguing secret to uncover there.

Joe’s ability to pretend he was something he was not, reminds her a little too much of her friend Daniel McAdam, who is a master of the many disguises he uses in his investigative work.  So, when Daniel tells Kat how he feels about her, she pulls back.  There is nothing to be done, except find out more about the real Daniel.

In her life, there are two men that Kat has gotten close to.  Joe and Daniel.  Throughout the story, the details of both of their lives are slowly brought to light, revealing all the sordid details of one and the worthy details of the other.  So, you see, Kat Holloway fans, this book is for you.

The mystery the Kat must solve in this tale is just as fascinating and twisty as it always is.  Also, all of Kat’s helpers are there to make sure they uncover every necessary clue while still allowing Kat to see to her cooking duties and her daughter.  And Daniel is ever present to give his support, friendship, and a kiss now and then.  I recommend you enjoy this historical mystery with a nice cup of hot tea and a biscuit.

Through NetGalley, the publisher provided a copy of this book.  My review is my honest opinion.


About The Secret of Bow Lane by Jennifer Ashley

A stranger who appears on Kat’s doorstep turns out to be one Charlotte Bristow, legal wife of Joe Bristow, the man Kat once believed herself married to—who she thought died at sea twelve years ago. Kat is jolted by Charlotte’s claims that not only was Joe murdered, but he had amassed a small fortune before he died. Charlotte makes the cook an offer she cannot refuse—if Kat can discover the identity of Joe’s murderer, Charlotte will give her a share of the fortune Joe left behind.

With the help of Daniel McAdam, her attractive and charismatic confidante, Kat plunges into her own past to investigate. When it becomes apparent that the case of Joe’s death goes far deeper than simple, opportunistic theft, Kat and Daniel’s relationship is put to the test, and Kat herself comes under scrutiny as her connection to Joe is uncovered. She must race to catch the real killer before she loses her job and possibly her life.


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