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Posted by Riley


I am currently taking review requests for books in my favorite categories (see below).  Please use the form below to make your request.  The review/schedule extends as much as 60 days, so if you are on a specific timeline, be sure to mention that.  Reviews may be done by me or by review contributor KJ Van Houten.  Unfortunately, we are unable to grant all your requests.  Regardless of whether we decide to review your book, your interest is very much appreciated!

If your book falls into my favorite genres (see below), please contact me using the form at the end.  I will review all requests and if I think you are a good fit for Whisky With My Book, I’ll contact you.  Thanks!

SciFi, SciFi Romance

Steampunk, Steampunk Romance

Fantasy/Urban Fantasy Romance

Paranormal Romance

Historical Mystery, and Historical Mystery/Romance

Historical Romance

I appreciate the fact that you have reached out to me and if you are a fit for this blog, I hope we can hook up through a good book!