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About A Touch of Ice by Nita Round

To have a future, one must face their past.

Magda, Ascara and Lucinda must draw upon the strength of their trinity to seek out the truths of the past that hold the key to their future.

They travel north, to Magda’s place of birth amongst the Oceanics. For Magda, this is an unwelcoming place, a reminder that she was banished and dealt a cruel fate. Named Stoner and landlocked, for an Oceanic this is a dishonour and a fate worse than death. To return to the float again would place her life, and those with her, at risk.

In the freezing waters of the far north, Magda finds herself defending her honour and birth right.  She must succeed as their fate depends upon it. Failure is not an option, the costs are too high.


Review of A Touch of Ice

With A Touch of Ice, we travel to Magda’s homeland and learn about her past and her amazing future.  Previous books have hinted at Magda’s unusual talents and her past.  I was pleased to get this glimpse into the world that Magda was pushed out of.  As with any character that you have come to love, any detail about what makes them tick is soaked up.

Part of what makes Magda tick is the trinity of Raven, Fire and Ice.  The trio will be even closer.  Support when needed, holding back when needed, even admonishing occasionally and always loving.  There is something very compelling about these three women and their relationship and I love to see it develop.

In this story, the trio comes face to face with the clockmaker.  And it is not what you would expect.  It is terrifying and wonderful.

In this story an old friend is determined to be a betrayer (I saw that one coming).

In this story, a new tower is discovered.  Well, the series is called The Towers of the Earth.

In this story, advanced technology arises.  I did not expect that, but considering the source, it made sense.

In this story, there are more details about the Father and the Mother.   I really want more on that subject, but maybe that will come in the further telling of the tale.

In A Touch of Ice, the ongoing plot gets more complex.  If I think back to book 1, which I read as a mystery and not much more, I am amazed at how far the story has progressed.  And every time I finish a book in this series, I think the story just keeps getting better.  And I become that annoying person who is impatient for the next book in the series.  While A Touch of Ice does have a complete story in it, it is evident that there is still much more to come.  I quite won’t call it a cliffhanger.  I do recommend you read these books in series order.

While the overall story arc of The Towers of the Earth is intricate and fascinating, these books are ultimately about three strong women who will do anything for each other.  Which is the true appeal for me.

Thanks to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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