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About Deal With the Devil by Kit Rocha

The United States went belly up 45 years ago when our power grid was wiped out. Too few live in well-protected isolation while the rest of us scrape by on the margins. The only thing that matters is survival. By any means. At any cost.

Nina is an information broker with a mission: to bring hope to the darkest corners of Atlanta. She and her team of mercenary librarians use their knowledge to help those in need. But altruism doesn’t pay the bills—raiding vaults and collecting sensitive data is where the real money is.

Knox is a bitter, battle-weary supersoldier who leads the Silver Devils, an elite strike squad that chose to go AWOL rather than slaughter innocents. Before the Devils leave town for good, they need a biochem hacker to stabilize the experimental implants that grant their superhuman abilities.

The problem? Their hacker’s been kidnapped. And the ransom for her return is Nina. Knox has the perfect bait for a perfect trap: a lost Library of Congress server. The data could set Nina and her team up for years…

If they live that long.


Review of Deal With the Devil

Wow! What a great new series. The rousing kickoff of the The Mercenary Librarians is a winner all the way around.

Deal With the Devil is a non-stop action, post-apocalyptic scifi thriller. There are evil corporate overlords and supersoldier enforcers. Nina, Knox and their friends are the bright stars in the neighborhood (or wherever they venture to), helping out in their quiet, peaceful ways and also in their not so quiet, deadly ways. These are the honorable heroes of the futuristic Atlanta.

Nina is a lovely kickass heroine. Literally. And figuratively – she doesn’t take any crap. Her team is just as smart and tough as she is. They find themselves working with a group of renegade supersoldiers, headed up by Knox. Knox and his team are every bit as smart and kickass as Nina’s team.

Secrets though. Not everything is as it has been made to appear and betrayal is imminent. The trouble is, the boys and the girls are starting to like each other, making betrayal taste bitter. What about honor?

Nina and Knox are an intense couple. Their romance is doomed, but they decide to live in the moment. I have a feeling this happens a lot in post-apocalyptic SE United States. Their teams are comprised of equally interesting people, including an assassin and a potential serial killer. Sounds bad, doesn’t it. I assure you, they are perfect for their teams. I’m guessing the assorted team members will get their own romances in future books in this series.

Each chapter begins with logs and memos about test subjects that one assumes are the characters in the story – before they broke away from their overlords. The test subjects are numbered and though sometimes it is easy to figure out who they are referring to, sometimes it was a little confusing. Thankfully, the main part of the story, with real names, was quite easy to follow and was really all I needed to enjoy this great Scifi adventure.

Oh joy! I’ve discovered a new-to-me Scifi Romance author. And look at the series title: Mercenary Librarians. How is someone like me, a librarian that loves Scifi romance, going to not read this?

One more thing – that is a singularly awesome cover!

Thanks to the publisher who provided a copy through Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review.



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