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The Viper and the Urchin series is one of my favorites!

Smart Girls love SciFi

I fell in love with Rory and Longinus and the city of Damsport when I read The Bloodless Assassin last fall. So, when I learned the book I read was only the first book of a steampunk series, book 2 (which did not yet have a name) became one of the most anticipated new books of 2016 for me. From the first word on page one to the last word on the final page, The Black Orchid met all of my expectations!

The continuing adventures of the assassin that cannot stand the sight of blood and the grammatically incorrect urchin who insists she is nobody’s assistant are highly entertaining. Like the first book, this sequel has engaging characters and an intriguing plot. It all happens in a city that is vividly detailed, Crayola-box-64-colorful and full of possibilities!

In The Black Orchid, urchin Rory becomes a little less urchin-like. Much to…

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