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Today I am sharing the books I am currently reading or listening to. If you feel so inclined, do the same by posting in the comments at the end.

I chose this poster in honor of Women’s History Month which kicks off this week. This poster and many other very
cool posters like this are available at Society6 from Karen Hallion Illustrations.

Clicking on the book covers below will take you to Amazon. Use of these links supports this blog and is very much appreciated. I also recommended checking with your library (if you want to save some $$$).

On my Kindle, I have an advance copy of The Blood Gift by N.E. Davenport. Last year, I read The Blood Trials, the first book in this Scifi duology. I really like the first book, and so far, book 2 is pretty good. However, with over a year of elapsed time between books, I am finding it hard to remember all the finer details of book 1. I hoping it all comes back to me as I continue.

About The Blood Gift

After discovering the depth of betrayal, treachery, and violence perpetrated against her by Mareen’s Tribunal Council and exposing her illegal blood-gift to save her Praetorian squad, Ikenna becomes a fugitive with a colossal bounty on her head.

Yet, somehow, that’s the least of her worries.

Her grandfather’s longtime allies refuse to offer help, and the Blood Emperor’s Warlord is tracking her. She’s also struggling to control the enormous power she was granted by the Goddess of Blood Rites…and come to terms with the promises she made to get such power.

Amidst all of this, the Blood Emperor wages a full-scale invasion against Mareen and leaves a trail of decimated cities, war crimes, and untold death in his wake. As the horrors increase, Ikenna and her team realize they must assassinate the Blood Emperor and quickly end the war. But the price to do so is steep and has planet-shattering consequences.

The price to do nothing, though, is annihilation.

War has erupted. Alliances are fracturing. And Ikenna is torn between her loyalties, her desires for revenge, and the power threatening to consume her. With the world aflame, only one thing is certain: blood will be spilled.


My current audiobook is The Librarian Spy by Madeline Martin. I downloaded this from my library. I view it as a companion book to The Last Bookshop in London, which I listened to and loved last year. Both books are based on the events of World War II, with book-centered heroines. But each takes place in a different European location.

About The Librarian Spy

Ava thought her job as a librarian at the Library of Congress would mean a quiet, routine existence. But an unexpected offer from the US military has brought her to Lisbon with a new mission: posing as a librarian while working undercover as a spy gathering intelligence.

Meanwhile, in occupied France, Elaine has begun an apprenticeship at a printing press run by members of the Resistance. It’s a job usually reserved for men, but in the war, those rules have been forgotten. Yet she knows that the Nazis are searching for the press and its printer in order to silence them.

As the battle in Europe rages, Ava and Elaine find themselves connecting through coded messages and discovering hope in the face of war.


Tell me! What are you reading?