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Review of Mr. & Mrs. Witch

This is a story of how Savannah and Griffen, met, parted, met again and started a relationship that was doomed to fail.  Or at least end up in a catastrophic wedding day. 

The while they dated, they remained ignorant of their true identities – Savannah, a witch, and Griffen, a member of an organization that used to hunt witches.  While they detested each other’s respective affiliations, the truth is, they were all working toward the same goals.  Their wedding will be the scene of all sorts of surprising and distressing revelations that immediately turns them into enemies. 

But they love each other.  How can this have happened?  Is there a way to fix it?  And that is the story.  Fixing it.

I found the plot somewhat predictable.  It was easy to spot the villains from early on and shortly after, the villains’ motivation becomes apparent.  Still, there is an adventure in overcoming the bad people.  Savannah and Griffen both have friends and family that are willing to go against orders and help them out.  I don’t know if Gwenda Bond plans to turn this into a series, but among the friends and family of Savannah and Griffen, are several potential main characters, including a couple whose insults and snide remarks are absolutely the result of an attraction they want to deny. 

Magic, romance, humor, and adventure will have readers enjoying this story of friends to lovers to enemies to, hopefully, lovers again! 

Through NetGalley, the publisher provided a copy of this book.  My review is my honest opinion.


About Mr. & Mrs. Witch by Gwenda Bond

Savannah Wilde is a witch, a very powerful one—an identity that only her fellow witches know. Following a whirlwind romance that surprised herself and her family, Savvy is all set to marry the love of her life. But she isn’t the only one with a secret that needs to be kept, even from her soon-to-be husband.

Griffin Carter is a top agent for a clandestine organization that, well, used to primarily hunt witches, but now mainly tries to shut down supernatural threats their own way. He can’t wait to lay his eyes on the woman he’s about to spend the rest of his life with.

As Savvy walks down the aisle to Griffin, the wedding quickly goes from blessed day to shit show when their true identities are revealed. To say there’s bad blood between their factions is putting it mildly. Savvy and Griffin are tasked to take the other out, but when they discover a secret that could take down both of their agencies, they realize the only way to survive is to team up. With assassins hot on their trail, will Savvy and Griffin make it out alive to try again at ‘I do’?



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