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Today, I am reviewing a series called The Unlucky Charms.  The first four books have been released.  I read the first book for free via Amazon’s Prime reading program.  This program is meant to be a hook and this time it pulled me, convincing me to buy books 2-4.  And probably #5 when it is released in March.

Each alliterative title is composed of an alcoholic drink and a magicky word.  They really don’t have anything to do with the plots of the books, except for the fact that the main family, the O’Malleys, are magical and own a bar. 

The Unlucky Charms is a spinoff of The Thorne Witch series.  While there are many references to events of that series, and several guest appearances, it is very possible to enjoy this series on its own.  As I continued reading, the previous series references seemed to lessen.

Each book is a combination of romance, magic and intrigue.  The O’Malleys are an Irish family, cursed so they no longer wield magic.  A prophecy indicates the curse can be broken.  Each family member has their part in the prophecy, along with their romantic love interest.  To complicate things, the family responsible for the curse is made up of heroes and villains.  Villains that will do anything to prevent the O’Malley’s from regaining their magic.  These villains want all the power and magic for themselves. 

As the series progresses, the villainy increases.  Therefore the need for heroines and heroes also rises.  The overall plot and enduring characters continue to evolve with each installment in the series.  Which means I am looking forward to book 5, Wine and Warlocks!

If you are hoping that there will be references to marshmallow filled cereal, you won’t be disappointed.  The Unlucky Charms is filled charming heroes, confident heroines, Irish eejits and magically delicious romances.


About Pints and Potions

Sick of the unwelcome attention that comes with being a member of an extremely powerful family, Piper Thorne longs to escape her magical burden and live a mortal’s simple existence. On a whim, she adopts an alias and jets off to Ireland, where she stumbles into the path of the enticing rogue, Cian O’Malley. But she’s ill prepared to deal with the onslaught of emotions his wicked grin stirs up when he oh-so-casually turns up the charm.

A hardened, down-on-his-luck warlock, Cian O’Malley is determined to change his family’s plight and restore their stolen magic. In the midst of his half-baked plan to woo the bewitching Piper, he finds himself in a death match with an old enemy who’s carrying a monumental grudge.

Before long, Cian discovers Piper might just hold the key to reversing a two-hundred-and-fifty-year-old curse. He only has to keep them both alive long enough to solve the riddle written in the O’Malleys’ ancient grimoire and convince Piper to trust him with her heart.


About Whiskey and Witches

Carrick O’Malley is living a double life. To shield his son, Aeden, from a horrific truth, he convinced everyone he’d lost his wife in a tragic accident. But over the last eleven months, he’s done his job too well, and everyone now despises the woman he sneaks off to visit—the dreaded Witch of the Woods.
Roisin O’Malley became an outcast to protect her small family from becoming collateral damage. Posing as her hated sister, Meg, should have made it easy to find whoever suppressed her magic and caused her disfiguring accident. But after months of searching, she’s no closer to the truth, and she’s finding it increasingly difficult to be away from those she loves.
When someone learns Roisin’s true identity, the attempts on her life resume, escalating in intensity. Roisin and Carrick must put aside the differences caused by their separation and work together. If they can discover the link between the attacks and the ancient O’Malley prophecy, perhaps they can save their family and recapture the magic they lost.


About Beer and Broomsticks

Bridget O’Malley has a love-hate relationship with her irritating neighbor, Ruairí O’Connor. In their youth, he’d promised her the moon and stars, but in a shocking move, he betrayed her. When she finds out he’s the final piece of the puzzle she needs to restore her family’s magic, she’s fit to be tied. Bridget would rather eat nine-inch galvanized nails than have anything to do with the super-sexy, sweet-talking Ruairí ever again. And she’s sure as hell not going to fall for his devilish charm and wicked grin a second time.

Ruairí O’Connor had been taught to despise the O’Malleys from birth, but it only took a single glimpse of Bridget’s enchanting smile, and he lost his heart forever. His foolish plan to get her to run away with him and escape their feuding families backfired, and he’s been dealing with the fallout ever since. Desperate to regain Bridget’s love, he plans to return to her what was stolen, hoping she’ll forgive him for his boneheaded mistake of the past.

When power-hungry Loman O’Connor arrives on the scene determined to retrieve the magical weapon that gives him his undefeatable abilities, Bridget and Ruairí must set aside the past and come together to fulfill the final part of an ancient prophecy. They are going to need a little luck, a lot of forgiveness, a clever plan, and perhaps some divine intervention to outsmart a devious warlock like Loman and break the O’Malley curse.


About Cocktails and Cauldrons

At the pinnacle of a successful career, reclusive artist Eoin O’Malley is forced to put his life on hold to deal with the return of his family’s ancient magic. He must learn to control his new influx of power or risk hurting those he loves. In need of someone he can trust to run his business, he rushes to hire quiet, capable Brenna when she’s disowned by her overbearing aunt.

Wallflower and art enthusiast Brenna Sullivan has always longed for the day she could escape her Cinderella-before-the-ball existence. So when her secret crush, sexy Eoin O’Malley, hands her a first-class ticket to Ireland and a job offer that turns all her dreams into reality, Brenna accepts. Really, how could she refuse?

But betrayal comes from unexpected sources, and around every corner, there’s a new evil waiting to steal the ultimate magic. Caught up in a game where no rules exist, Eoin and Brenna are finding it difficult to trust anyone. They must discover a way to neutralize Brenna’s unwelcome inner Siren or risk her turning into a demonic Succubus who will destroy the lives of everyone in her path.



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