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Review of Fury of Frustration

Ferguson McGlivery, is slightly more than human.  She just doesn’t know it yet.  Good thing she learns fast!  A she learns about her inheritance, The White Hare inn, and she must take on the dragon-warrior Kruger.  

Kruger is a shrewd businessman just as likely to get what he wants through negotiations as hostile takeovers.  He wants The White Hare.  But neither the previous innkeeper, nor Fergusen will sell.  The couple starts out adversarial, but as these stories go, they can’t fight the attraction between them. 

This series features tough, mean, don’t-mess-with-me male dragon heroes who have a soft spot for the women they fall in love with.  Which makes me like them.  Not so with Kruger.  At the outset of a confrontational first meeting with Fergusen, he lets loose an onslaught of very personal insults which I found despicable.  In real life, people who treat others that way don’t change overnight.  And yet, it would seem Kruger did.  I did like how Ferguson retaliated, especially when Kruger returned to the inn.  I’d tell you, but you need to enjoy that scene, with no spoilers!  Basically, I did not like Kruger at all.  That one scene ruined him for me as a hero.

Beyond my dislike of Kruger, there is plenty more to the story.  Magic, danger, dragons and romance pack the pages of this book and make for a thrilling tale that enhances the Dragonfury narrative.  Readers of Ms. Callahan will want to add this to their collection.

Through Booksprout, the author provided a copy of this book. My review is my honest opinion.


About Fury of Frustration by Coreene Callahan

Ambition can be deadly…

Born of a powerful god, but exiled on earth, dragon-warrior Kruger conceals the truth of his origins from the world. Forced to live a lie, he proves his worth by becoming a tycoon in a powerful business empire. But when a beautiful woman with ambitions of her own gets in his way, he must decide—accept what he cannot change, or eliminate the threat once and for all.

Haunted by ghosts, Ferguson McGilvery needs out. Out from under her step-father’s thumb. Out of the toxic whirlwind her step-brothers create. Out of the country, far away from the dysfunction that has overtaken her life. When a surprise inheritance sends her to the Scottish Highlands, she clashes with Kruger, a man so infuriating she’ll do anything to foil his attempts to make her leave.

His ruthlessness is legendary. Her obstinance knows no bounds. Can two stubborn souls go from enemies to lovers…or will the fates finally admit they made a mistake by throwing the pair together?


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