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Review of Shadows of the Past

The fifth book in The Fae Files delves into Reine’s past.  Let me start by saying Reine is fae.  (Fae Queen to be precise.) Anyone that expects her past to be without imperfections is just plain misguided.  Everyone knows that fae are selfish, fickle and tricky.  Reine’s banishment from Faerie means that the human world had tempered her fae personality….to the better.  

No longer banished, but back in the human world to ‘tie up loose ends’, Reine embarks on mission to find some friends.  On route, she is waylaid by unknown players.  She and her friends are stranded in a time bubble in an unknown time for an unknown reason.  While using her fae powers to determine a way out, Reine will end up witnessing events in her past.   The events Reine relives are not entirely new to the story, but do add more complexity to the story of Reine and her brother Rhys.

Meanwhile, Reine’s love interest, gargoyle Lawrence, is dealing with his own problems.  The top issues are 1) intrigue at the PBI (Paranormal Bureau of Investigations, 2) being apart from Reine, and 3) dealing with the young Kestrel who is considering leaving the world of paranormals.  In doing so, they meet a very elusive paranormal.  I’m not going to say what/who, but certain cryptologists will be very interested!

Some aspects to the story will eventually be tied together.  Reine will meet Lawrence in the dream world.   And she will end up in Faerie to face her enemy and her past.   

Other aspects of the story will not be resolved.  This book, more than any others in the series, seemed to ignore loose ends.  Many loose ends.  And a cliffhanger ending had me groaning.  Cliffhangers are evil!

Despite the incomplete story, Shadows of the Past does nicely enhance the overall story arc of The Fae Files.  This book is best read as part of that series.  

Thanks to the author who sent me a copy of her book.  My review is my honest opinion.


About Shadows of the Past

No good deed goes unpunished. As for Fae deeds, well, those get a bit more complicated…

I thought I came to Scotland to rescue friends who disappeared under mysterious circumstances connected to the Fae. However, a deadly attack on the highway drives me and my allies into the woods and straight into my history.

History I’ve tried to forget. I’d avoided the witch’s cottage since the fateful night my brother Rhys and I were exiled from Faerie, and I soon discover the supposed sanctuary hides its own deadly secret.

To escape the trap, I need to confront the deeds of my past, which will require me to risk my own and the others’ futures. Can I figure out the puzzle in time to save us all, or will I have to sacrifice everything, including my gargoyle lover, to make amends for my mistakes?



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