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Review of A Touch of Purple

In the 6th installment of The Towers of the Earth, the action returns to Raven Tower after adventures across the world.  Lucinda has come home, but something is terribly wrong.

Quentin is gone.  Verity Field is locked down and terribly understaffed.  Commanding officers are missing.  For that matter, so are a lot of the other staff.  And there is that dark underground area that no one seems to know anything about.

Lucinda, Magda, and Ascara take on the mission to find out what is going on.  They will find the underground area is much bigger than they had imagined and the things going on there are beyond imagination.  Plots, plans, poison, slavery, spider mechanicals, automatons.  These are all things we have seen in previous stories.  Each story has built on the overall narrative and A Touch of Purple is no exception.  There is even a scene where an evil villain claims responsibility for everything in the past, making one think that this might be the end of the story.   I don’t think so.  There is more to come.

The reason I love this series is really three reasons.  Lucinda, Magda and Ascara.  They love each other, protect each other, annoy each other and just generally make each other better.  The work best together, even if sometimes they think they need to go solo.  They are also great at bringing the world together.  Their backgrounds vary, each with a different cultural heritage.  This enables them to build bridges between peoples.  This, I think, will be very important in the future.

If you are new to the series, pay attention to chapter 2 where Lucinda muses on all that the trio has gone through.  A Touch of Purple does stand alone, but is even better if read as part of The Towers of the Earth series.


About A Touch of Purple by Nita Round

Hidden in the shadows, something unseen is hunting them all.

The Raven Tower summons the trinity to return home. Neither the tower nor magic tell them why.

One by one the soldiers tasked with defending its people, fall to an insidious contagion. Once infected, they succumb to a rabid and animalistic state. If they survive, then they become minions of the dark to spread their touch even further.

Magda, Ascara and Lucinda must seek out the dark places foretold by the clan dreamers. When they do, they discover more than they expected. As the rot at the heart of Veritas takes hold, no cure is in sight. When all seems lost, they must face their deadliest foe yet.

Now, the war on humanity has become deadly serious. The trinity must triumph. The world depends upon it.


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