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Review of Bourre Brouhaha

The Big Uneasy mystery/romance series is about the Baker family and how they all find their happily ever afters – all while solving the crime of the day. 

What happens when a firefighter meets the daughter of a convicted arsonist?    This is a romance begging to be written.  The pairing may be a bit Uneasy, but Pauline Baird Jones is pretty good at that kind of story.

Audrey Goodheart’s father is in jail after three strikes.  But his name follows her around, making it hard to live well in New Orleans.  But when she gets a gig with a caterer, she finds she is working with the charming firefighter she met on the bus.  Did I mention the catering gig is at the home of a wise guy? 

Eddie Baker is one of 13 brothers and sisters in a family that have dedicated their careers to public service. What will they think of Audrey? 

People start following Audrey, while at the same time, her cousin turns up and wants in the family business.  Then Audrey’s landlady ends up murdered.  Audrey is having a bad week. 

Luckily Eddie (and the entire Baker family) can help.  But (and this is important) Audrey also has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Bourre Brouhaha is a charming, romantic mystery set in New Orleans.  Readers of the series will recognize many of the characters, but this book can be read as a stand alone.  Cops and wise guys, first responders and caterers, brothers and sisters.  The Big Uneasy has everything you need for a great story! 

Bourre Brouhaha is part of a great series, but can be enjoyed as a stand alone.  Thanks to the author for providing a copy of her book.  My review is my honest opinion.


About Bourre Brouhaha by Pauline Baird Jones

No-nonsense Coast Guard agent, Dan Baker finds himself going where he doesn’t want to go (the swamp) and feeling what he never thought he’d feel (in love or in like). He really hopes the mysterious Gemma isn’t the murderer because he doesn’t want or need her in his life.

Gemma Bailey’s “get away from it all” summer on the charter boat Reel Escape, is not turning out like she’d hoped. There is a dubious lawyer, a sinister mob figure, and some murders. Was it the Rougarou? It is a pity the way too attractive Dan Baker thinks she’s the murderer.

Can they untwist the tangled ties, clear Gemma and the Rougarou, and ride off into the sunset on Dan’s Triumph?



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