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Review of Within These Gilded Halls

Phoebe Radcliff is an artist working to restore the artwork in Avonthorpe Hall. Her friend and patron, Miss Drake, is the murder victim in this story, but before she dies, Miss Drake gives Phoebe a mission – find the lost treasure of Avonthorpe, through a series of cryptic clues. But Phoebe is not the only one hunting the treasure. Along with several others, Lt. Graham Burke, heir to Avonthorpe, is also pursuing the clues. Several secondary characters (also treasure hunting), some good guys and some bad guys, mean that there is much more than a treasure hunt going on at Avonthorpe Hall, adding confusion to the mystery and complexity to the story.

Within These Gilded Halls is connected to the author’s Masquerade at Middlecrest Abbey.  This book features a young heroine who is searching for redemption while trying to find her own way. The hero has a strong sense of right and wrong. I feel that these two complement each other making for an effective treasure hunting team and a happy couple.  

Within These Gilded Halls is the latest historical mystery/romance from Abigail Wilson. Her Regency romances feature smart and kind heroines and heroes, mystery, murder, and betrayal; all topped off with a lovely bit of romance. I always enjoy Ms. Wilson’s books.

Through Netgalley, the publisher provided a copy of this book. My review is my honest opinion.


About Within These Gilded Halls by Abigail Wilson

After studying art for two years under Miss Drake, a renowned painter, Phoebe Radcliff is certain she can finally move beyond the childish mistake that’s kept her away from home. She is determined to carve a new, happier future and is thrilled when Miss Drake employs her to complete a complicated ballroom renovation—the first real test of her talent.

Everything changes, however, the moment Miss Drake is murdered. With her last breath she imparts the location of a clue to Phoebe. Can the biggest secret of Avonthorpe Hall be true—the rumored treasure real? Phoebe is tasked to finish the detailed trim work in the ballroom by Miss Drake’s infuriatingly regimented yet all-too-handsome nephew, Lt. Graham Burke. She finds herself in the perfect position to uncover the answers she craves about her beloved teacher’s death as well as fulfill the promise she made regarding the treasure. If only she can do so before Lt. Burke leases the house.

But dark shadows line the gilded halls of Avonthorpe. Soon enough, Phoebe realizes she’s not the only person with knowledge of the clues—and worse, she’ll need Lt. Burke’s help to stay ahead of whoever is hard on her heels. If only she wasn’t so attracted to the gentleman. And why is she exactly? She’s always had far greater plans for her life than an uncomfortable romance with a former military lieutenant.

Caught up in a deadly race for answers, Phoebe must find a way to breach the shroud of lies that surrounds every last resident in the house and, more importantly, face a past she’s been running away from for far too long.



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