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Review of A Curious Invasion

A Curious Invasion is pure fun! The fact that it is hard to pin down to a genre is half of the reason. Steampunk, scifi, urban fantasy, adventure – all of those! Steam-driven devices, little grey men, vampires, witches and clairvoyants all play not-so-nice together, making for pretty much non-stop action. Really, it never stops. I felt exhausted for the core characters by the end! And based on all these elements, you can only imagine the variety of scrapes the heroines and heroes get into.

The other half reason this book is so fun is Nettie Jones. Miss Jones, Dr. Jones, Agent Jones, or just Nettie. Whatever you call her, Nettie is full of spunk and curiosity. Nettie’s inquisitive and analytical nature is what appeals to me most. This is appropriate for an investigating agent of the Society for the Exploration of the Unexplainable. Though it does sometimes sidetrack the agent when the mission is critical. But she has several fellow agents to help keep her on track.

The evil vampires and invading aliens did not have much a voice in this story, which means I didn’t really get a sense of why they were doing what they were doing. Just that they needed to be stopped. Still, this gives the first book of the series plenty of room to haul out the whole team to show what they can do to save the day.

The series title, The Adventures of Smith and Jones, is misleading. At least for book 1. Jones is the one and only main character. Smith is pretty much secondary. It does make for a great series name though. Perhaps Smith will get a bigger role in the next book.

If you are looking for adventure, fun, absolutely no seriousness, and plenty of tea, A Curious Invasion fits the bill.


About A Curious Invasion

In an Alternative Victorian London, England has a new queen–she just happens to be undead.

Dr. Nettie Jones is a new agent for The Society for the Exploration of the Unexplainable, a secret organization protecting England from unnamed sources. Being half-vampire is an added complication.

The Society doesn’t yet appreciate Nettie but fate steps in when invaders from a dying planet begin following her the same day Queen Victoria chooses to be turned into a vampire.

Things become dangerously interwoven when Nettie discovers that a supposed accident was in fact an act of betrayal by one of the agents of the Society. The first shot in a larger conspiracy

Nettie and her fellow Society agents must pull together to thwart the alien invaders, fight off the vampire infestation, and rescue the Queen from becoming the longest ruling undead monarch, even if that rescue is against her will.



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