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Review of A Rip Through Time

After an attack, a time travelling 21st century woman wakes up in the body of a Victorian era maid with a less than stellar reputation.  Mallory is challenged with finding out how to get home while also solving the mystery of who attacked her and coping with 19th century attitudes.  Throw in two additional murders and overcoming the maid’s untrustworthy name and you will find a tense, action-packed story sure to keep you turning pages.

Just to make the setting a bit more complex, ethnic and racial discrimination vie with sexual inequities, to make the 19th century even more distressing to a 21st century police detective.  Who is, by the way, without her cell phone that she would normally use to research every other thing that comes up in the unfamiliar place that is 1869 Edinburgh.

A little humor – as one would expect from a character out of her own time – lightens the mood occasionally.  Appealing secondary characters Dr. Duncan Gray and Isla Wallace help to carry the story.  The plot is taut and the writing is absorbing.  Readers of Julie McElwain’s Kendra Donovan series will enjoy A Rip Through Time, as will historical fiction and mystery readers.

Through Netgalley, the publisher provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


About A Rip Through Time by Kelley Armstrong

In this series debut from New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong, a modern-day homicide detective finds herself in Victorian Scotland—in an unfamiliar body—with a killer on the loose.

May 20, 2019: Homicide detective Mallory is in Edinburgh to be with her dying grandmother. While out on a jog one evening, Mallory hears a woman in distress. She’s drawn to an alley, where she is attacked and loses consciousness.

May 20, 1869: Housemaid Catriona Mitchell had been enjoying a half-day off, only to be discovered that night in a lane, where she’d been strangled and left for dead . . . exactly one-hundred-and-fifty years before Mallory was strangled in the same spot.

When Mallory wakes up in Catriona’s body in 1869, she must put aside her shock and adjust quickly to the reality: life as a housemaid to an undertaker in Victorian Scotland. She soon discovers that her boss, Dr. Gray, also moonlights as a medical examiner and has just taken on an intriguing case, the strangulation of a young man, similar to the attack on herself. Her only hope is that catching the murderer can lead her back to her modern life . . . before it’s too late.



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