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About Sandy by Nancy Lee Badger

Sandy is a lonely dragon and flies from an island off the Scottish mainland to the Isle of Skye to find a mate. Shifting into a naked male, a chance meeting on a sandy beach with an interesting woman is interrupted by pirates. To escape, she leads him into the sea, a place he detests since he can barely tread water. What about sharks? They survive and together find a hiding place in the forest. Feelings surface, but she is different. Could this human learn to love a dragon?

Isobel lost her seal skin to a pirate. She has been following the thief for months and now has only two weeks to live. Bent on her mission, saving a naked human male slows her down. A visit from Brownies and her friend, Orin, complicate things when pirates kidnap her. Sandy comes to her aid, but can her growing feelings for the handsome human be denied? Why does she yearn to find her seal skin if success means never seeing him again?


From the Author

This book follows the characters from previous books as a new relationship amid the threat of pirates on the Scottish Island of Skye. When both keep their true natures secret, falling in love was never in the plan.


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