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Review of Dark Class

Book 5 in the Class 5 series stays true to form.  An ordinary woman from earth, going up against the bad guys of the galaxy with an AI and an attractive, sympathetic, elf-like alien to help her. 

Like her predecessors, Ellie has no extraordinary military, physics or astronaut training.  So, when she wakes up, alone, at a strange moon station she is way out of her league.  Make that way out of her solar system. 

Ellie puts the pieces together with the help of the disembodied voice.  The AI, Paxe, talks to her through communication systems and robots.  Paxe helps her survive and clues her in that the Grih may be her saviors.  When the Grih arrive, she thinks she is saved – but it is not going to be that easy. 

Renn, the Grih captain has been chasing a Tecran ship for weeks.  Lately, Tecrans have become the local villains, but are supposed to be surrendering and working on becoming better citizens.  But the Tecran captain knows that there is incriminating evidence at the moon base. 

Dark Class is a minute-by-minute, tense showdown between opposing sides with survival on the line for everybody.  The dangers of the moon, alien technology, and beings fighting for their lives makes this a page-turning action-packed story.  Fans of the Class 5 series will not want to miss this one.  But reading entire series is not necessary.  Dark Class stands well on its own.  Also, a new kind of AI is introduced….maybe leading to more stories.  That would be awesome.

Thanks to the author who provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


About Dark Matters by Michelle Diener

Waking up alone . . . Ellie Masters comes out of a coma to find herself the only inhabitant of an eerily empty moon station. She’s not on Earth any more, she’s not even in the right solar system. So when someone reaches out to her, tells her he’s her friend, she’s happy to believe it. The alternative is to be stuck alone with an enemy.

The hunt of his career . . . Grih Battle Center captain, Renn Sorvihn, has been chasing a rogue Tecran ship for over a month, convinced its captain is simply trying to delay his inevitable surrender and punishment. But when Renn follows the Tecran ship into an uncharted sector, and realises the Tecran have been working their way to a secret moon base for weeks, he suddenly understands things are most definitely not as they seem.

Caught in the crossfire . . . When the Tecran arrive, with the Grih hot on their heels, Ellie finds herself the catalyst for heightened danger to everyone. The Tecran see her as evidence of their military’s crimes, the Grih see her as a massive diplomatic complication, and her presence brings the whole confrontation up several thousand notches.

But Ellie isn’t alone, and her new friend has ways to help her. Time to outclass them all . . .



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