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Review of Rising Fire

Rising Fire is a fantasy set in Scotland where the ancient Celtic gods have been forgotten, to be replaced with the Christian god.  Even so, one of the ancient goddesses, Chaela, is determined to return and rule the world, at all costs.  She has groomed one of her descendants to aid in her restoration to the place she believes she deserves.  Lord Hugh is a nasty piece of work.

A secret group of followers of the ancient gods have been waiting for Chaela’s attempt to return and have plans to stop her reappearance.  The descendants of other gods will need to be rounded up to assist.  Those descendants include William de Brus and Brienne of Yester, Warblood and Fireblood.

William de Brus, warrior on a mission for the king to find out what Lord Hugh is up to, finds more than he bargained for.  Brienne of Yester is young and has been kept in the dark about her past, but knows she is something more. 

Rising Fire brings all these players together, introducing an attraction between Brienne and William, as well as setting up a long game that will involve several showdowns before the goddess and Lord Hugh and put in their respective places. 

This fantasy concentrates on story development over character development.  The story, while not complex (bad goddess against everyone who wants to live happily ever after), is well told.  The darkness of the story gives it an edgy feel.  While the story of William and Brienne is complete, to see the bad guys defeated, you will need to read the rest of the series.

Thanks to the publisher who provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


About Rising Fire by Terri Brisbin

Eons ago, six ancient Celtic gods turned on the seventh who promised to destroy humanity. To keep her imprisoned, they passed their powers down through their descendants who could be called on if, when, the time to rise up came. In the dark times of the late 13th century, that time came.

William de Brus, illegitimate son of King Alexander III, is sent to investigate a nobleman thought to have mysterious powers and designs on Alexander’s kingdom. When he discovers the tales are true, and, that he is part of some larger plan, William also finds an enticing young woman who seems to be at the center of it all.

Brienne of Yester knows who her true father is and so do the villagers around her. She knows she is different in other ways and when her powers soar and she can create and control fire, Brienne learns the truth of her father’s nature. And his plan to release their ancestor, the goddess of fire and chaos. The only one who makes her feel safe, the only man she dares trust, may be her soulmate or her destruction.

When passions flare and powers rise, can they trust each other enough to give all of humanity a chance to survive or will the goddess escape to destroy everything in the world?



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