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Review of A Touch of Fire

The fifth book in the Towers of the Earth series takes our three heroines, Lucinda, Magda and Ascara, to Ascara’s home – Gidhera. 

Beyond the story of the monster’s rising up from the sea (see the book blurb), this is the story of the continually growing relationship between the three main characters as well as the ongoing development of their prophesied role in the fate of the world. 

Since the beginning, Lucinda, Ascara, and Magda have been committed to each other from a friendship/professional standpoint, always having each other’s backs no matter what the situation.  The long-awaited romantic commitment is finally upon us and I was pleased to see it happen!  It just strengthens their trinity, which is a good thing because they tend to get into increasingly dangerous situations. 

In A Touch of Fire, the trio must contend with Lucinda’s near death (see A Touch of Ice), returning a sacred skull to its home, facing down clan elders, priestesses and priests, dreamers and pretty much all things mystical.  Only then can they face the dreadful skitterlings – the creatures from the ocean that periodically rise up to spawn, and in so doing, try to destroy every person in their path.

A minor part of the story, but one of the things I really liked, is how the three women treat the priestesses, priests and dreamers.   Ascara, especially, rejects the mysticism.  That is, while Lucinda, Magda and Ascara respect the roles of these people, they believe that their secrets should not be withheld.  What good does it do the people of Gidhera, and the world, if they don’t know what they are facing.  That the ‘mystics’ come to realize this is all we can hope for – for all the people of the world.

A Touch of Fire is non-stop danger, action, mysticism and magic.  Told through the story of the three committed, resourceful, intelligent, strong women, book 5 in the series is probably going to be a must-read for anyone who has enjoyed books 1-4.  Read the series in order to get the most out of this epic adventure.

Many thanks to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.


About A Touch of Fire by Nita Round

A promise made in fire and ice. A promise kept in death and stone. A truth in three, arise the trinity.

Home to Gidhera. Here Ascara must prove herself through combat and the strength of her heart and soul. These tests of fire are nothing when compared to the danger she has yet to face.

Ancient foes, asleep for generations, rise up from the sea and swarm across the land like a blight of fang and claw. These dark creatures are different now. They have evolved into something bigger, stronger, and more resilient. They bring with them magic of their own. These new powers could render the whole of Gidhera defenseless. Guns and cannons are no match for these dark powers of the deep. To save her people, the clan and her home, Ascara needs a tower and the full power of fire, and three. Without them will bring the destruction of her clan, and all that she holds dear.



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