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Review of A Letter to Three Witches

Three cousins in a small town.  A fourth ‘cousin’ raised as a sister, but more like The Good Son.  Maybe not as evil.  But definitely an angry troublemaker.  

The Letter is written to all three cousins by the raised-as-a-sister Tannith.  In the letter, she threatens to run off with the significant other of one of the three cousins.  Who will it be?  The letter sets off a zany chain of events in small town Zenobia.

The three cousins all have innate magic, but mostly don’t practice it due to a ban enforced by the magical authorities on an ancestor and his descendants.  But magic happens.  Sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose.  Let’s just say that the cousins could use some Hogwarts education.

Without the witch factor, this would be called a farce.  If anything can go wrong, it goes absurdly wrong. 

It is the accidental events that are hilarious.  A man turned into a rabbit.  A cupcake that makes you sleepy or horny.  Each one results in bigger and bigger catastrophes for the three witches.   At the same time, the they are learning more about their heritage and exactly who they are.  And because of Tannith’s letter, the cousins’ relationships go through the ringer.  Hopefully they will come out better than ever. 

Told mostly from cousin Gwen’s point of view, occasionally, the familiar cat, Grizelda, gets to claim center stage. 

A Letter to Three Witches is an enchanting, light-hearted romp.  Charming, likable characters and familiars.  Though….I may not be eating a cupcake for a while.

Through Netgalley, the publisher provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


About A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass

Nearly a century ago, Gwen Engel’s great-great-grandfather cast a spell with catastrophic side-effects. As a result, the Grand Council of Witches forbade his descendants from practicing witchcraft. The Council even planted anonymous snitches called Watchers in the community to report any errant spellcasting…

Yet magic may still be alive and not so well in Zenobia. Gwen and her cousins, Trudy and Milo, receive a letter from Gwen’s adopted sister, Tannith, informing them that she’s bewitched one of their partners and will run away with him at the end of the week. While Gwen frets about whether to trust her scientist boyfriend, currently out of town on a beetle-studying trip, she’s worried that local grad student Jeremy is secretly a Watcher doing his own research.

Cousin Trudy is so stressed that she accidentally enchants her cupcakes, creating havoc among her bakery customers—and in her marriage. Perhaps it’s time the family took back control and figured out how to harness their powers. How else can Gwen decide whether her growing feelings for Jeremy are real—or the result of too many of Trudy’s cupcakes? 



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