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Review of The Passion Season

The Passion Season is a little hard to categorize.  It has elements of mystery,  fantasy and romance.  Maybe even a little bit of science fiction.

Good versus evil is the overall theme.  Heaven versus Hell.  Light versus dark.  On the one side, you have characters with angelic names like Barakiel and other the other side you have Lucifer.  No need to try to interpret that imagery. 

Barakiel is the very old, very strong, arrogant, headstrong immortal member of the Covalent race that dwells on a parallel plain.  Because he is the son of Lucifer, the Covalent fear Barakiel may be Lucifer’s path to overtake their world.  So, he has been banished to Earth where he has lived for centuries.

In the 21st century, he meets strong, intelligent FBI agent Zan O’Gara who seeks Barakiel’s expertise on a strange case she is investigating.  Instant attraction means that the two will find ways to work together even if it is not a good idea. Their relationship is very passionate.  Steamy is an even better description. 

Barakiel necessarily withholds much personal information from Zan.  As an FBI agent, she is going to figure it out eventually.   This part of their relationship is headed for a showdown.  But it doesn’t happen in this book.

The Passion Season is the first of a 5-book series.  I’m not sure where the story is headed.  This book had a lot of set up, but not very much plot resolution. In fact the book blurb warns that this is not a standalone book.  While I enjoyed reading this first book, I am reticent about continuing the series if the rest of the books are as cliffhangery. This first book is perma-free at Amazon and books 2 and 3 are currently only $.99, so if this sounds good to you, binge reading is in order.


About The Passion Season by Libby Doyle

A superhuman warrior from another dimension. An FBI agent with a troubled past. A search for a killer that uncovers a sacrificial cult.

When Special Agent Zan O’Gara investigates a ritual murder, she meets the only man who’s ever been able to reach beyond her emotional defenses. Little does she know he harbors a dangerous secret.

Barakiel accepted his solitary life after the rulers of his homeworld banished him to Earth, but his growing power has him crackling with restless need. He knows he should stay away from the captivating Zan O’Gara before his enemies make her a target. No matter. There’s no taming the unruly passion of a Covalent warrior.

As Zan’s investigation brings her closer to the truth about her lover, Barakiel realizes his presence on Earth has placed its most vulnerable citizens in danger. Compelled to protect them, he undertakes a series of duties he may not survive, even as Zan rescues him from a deadened heart.



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