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About Silver Bound by Jody Wallace

A heroine burned by magic…a hero who burns only for her.

Nadia Silver’s escape from indenture in the world of Tarakona leads her through a portal to Magic, New Mexico. A rare silver dragon shifter, she hopes to find a place where she will be safe from the wizards who would exploit her gifts.

Barnabas Courtier, a wizard without a dragon of his own, joined the Dragon Liberation Front when he heard of the seizure of a magnificent silver dragon – a dragon who has the power to turn the tide for the DLF. He has made freeing her his personal mission. Barnabas is shocked when he discovers not only has the silver dragon freed herself, but she has disappeared from the Tarakonan dimension. Determined to ensure her safety, his quest leads him to the world of Earth and the town of Magic.

Once in Magic, nothing goes according to Barnabas’s careful plans. Nadia isn’t the beautiful innocent of his dreams. She’s strong, passionate, and determined to resist everything he offers her – even love. How can a wizard convince a silver dragon to return to a world where she’s hunted when she’s found a place where she fits right in? And can he protect her from those who would enslave her once again?


Review of Silver Bound

This series opener is the introduction to the Dragons of Tarakona.  Tarakona is the land where dragons are magical beings but are enslaved by wizards.  The only ones that escape are those that run before they are claimed by a wizard.  Since I started the series at it’s current end (Pearl of Wisdom), it was good to go back and learn a little bit about the dragons’ history.

Silver dragon Nadia has had enough with slavery.  Plus she doesn’t think her master is using her precog abilities for good.  Her brother helps her escape to Magic, New Mexico.   In the meantime, Barnabas, a rebellious wizard, begins an attempt to free her.  Nadia hates all wizards, so you may imagine, misunderstandings (withholding of truth) abound and running and chasing are constants.  Barnabas and Nadia have differences to work out and attraction to deal with.  They make a cute couple with a whirlwind romance that is fraught with danger while Nadia’s former wizard master is trying to hunt her down. 

Non-stop, high-flying action made for a very quick read.  If you want more dragons in your life, add this series to your bookshelf. 

Many thanks to the author who sent me a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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