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About The Second Resurrection of Jack Selkirk by Christina Westcott

As an embezzler, Jack Selkirk had been a failure. That had gotten him murdered, mind ripped and resurrected as the assassin Cypher. That didn’t go so well either, leaving him as little more than a scrap of digital rubbish drifting through the datasphere. Now he’s been given a another chance to prove his worth and save the only people who ever gave a damn about him.

Can Jack manage not to screw this one up too?


Review of The Second Resurrection of Jack Selkirk

Since I loved the first two books in The Dragon’s Bidding series, I was eager to get this one on my Kindle.  This short story has a little bit of the first two books (Fitz and Wolf) along with Jack – who was actually an enemy in Cypher

In The Second Resurrection of Jack Selkirk (read the story to get up to speed on all Jack’s lives) Jack has a chance to turn things to the good.  Teaming up with Fitz and Wolf, they take on a foe in both real and virtual space.  Missing from the story is Jumper, who’s wit and wisdom cannot be replaced.  But the cats can take a vacation while Jack is on the job. 

Humor is infused throughout the story, along with the intrigue and action.  While it had been a while since I read Cypher, reading this story effectively reminded me of the backstory.  The quick read got me hungry for more of the series. 

Many thanks to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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