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About Hidden by Jade by Celine Jeanjean

I’ve never been one to stand idly by when a friend’s in trouble. Yes, I know that to go looking into why Ilmu is missing is dangerous. Yue’s still out there, and more to the point she’s not happy with how little progress I’ve made on our deal regarding Sarroch.

Which means a significant decrease in the value of my life.

Staying home is therefore the smart thing to do. But all the same, a friend in trouble is a friend in trouble, and no one but me seems to care what’s going on with Ilmu.

With my limited magic there’s only so much I can do, but I manage to get my hands on magical incense that will allow me to see her.

That is until another supernatural creature appears in the smoke and drags me into whatever space Ilmu is trapped in.

And just like that, my problems with Yue look pretty insignificant.

Perspective, huh?


Review of Hidden by Jade

You gotta love a heroine who will put herself in danger to help a friend out.   In Hidden by Jade, Apiya does just that.  But in doing so, she will bring even more trouble to herself.  And if you have been reading the series, you know that her friends will try to help her, but in the end, Apiya is the one that does all the heavy lifting.  Still, friends are good. 

Unless that friend is Sarroch.  That particular relationship is getting quite complicated.  Sarroch’s wife hates Apiya, but has struck a bargain with her (agreeing not to kill Apiya).  Sarroch knows nothing of the bargain.  And it is beginning to look like Apiya will not be able to fulfill her side of the bargain.  Our heroine’s Mayak friends seem to cause nothing but trouble. 

By the end of Hidden by Jade, the reader comes to realize that Apiya has come a long way from being a mere barber to the magical beings of Panong.  And she still has a long way to go.  The story will continue

Honestly, the Razor’s Edge Chronicles is my favorite series of the year.  It has several things going for it.  First, rapid release.  5 books so far in 2021.  Short books yes, but 5 books.  There is an engaging, quirky heroine who never met cat, dog, turtle, etc. she didn’t like.  She lives in a fascinating city.  There is a cat – a talking cat – with so much attitude and ego he is impossible not to love.  Plus the usually non-stop action, magic, danger and hope. 

Many thanks to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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