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About Fury of Conviction by Coreene Callahan

Chance brought them together in a world destined to tear them apart.

Caught between duty and honor, dragon-warrior Hamersveld is neck-deep in a dilemma. His commitment to the Razorback pack should take precedence, but when a new captive is brought into the lair, he’s forced to decide—risk everything to rescue a woman in desperate need of his help. Or stay loyal to the Razorback cause and keep his new home, along with his life.

Kidnapped by a rogue faction of Dragonkind, Natalie Bainbridge spends her days looking for ways to escape. Breaking out seems impossible until one of her captors offers her a trade—spend time with him in return for greater freedom inside his lair. With time ticking down, she enters the fray, playing a dangerous game with a man who makes no mistakes.

Will she buckle under the pressure? Or hold the line and break free for good?


Review of Fury of Conviction

Natalie is the typical Dagonfury heroine.  Very strong and independent, and not about to put up with this kidnapping crap. 

As a “Villian” of the Dragonfury, Hamersveld is a pretty decent person.  I mean, he is mean and tough, but as far as going along with the whole evil kidnapping plot….well, that is more of a survival thing.  The dragon shifter is in a precarious situation which adds to the drama.

It’s a short story (89 pages), so the plot is pretty simple.  It is also perfectly paced with romance being a larger theme than conflict or action.  The story stands alone with just enough references to the first book in the series.  However, the ending might make you wish it were a bit longer. Fury of Conviction is a perfect 2-hour diversion for anyone that enjoys a great dragon romance. 

Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy of this book through Booksprout in exchange for my honest review.



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