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About Cosmic Boom by Pauline Baird Jones

A critical mission, a cosmic event, and a secret….

USAF Captain Hedy Quinton joined Project Enterprise so she could travel to a distant galaxy. Excited about her first command, she never expected the headaches that would go with it. She’s dealing with a lonely AI in her ship’s systems, a really cute deck officer who used to be a robot, a disgruntled ally who wants to be in command, and a passel of possibly dubious scientists. The only thing going for her is that none of them are named Dr. Smith.

BoomerJ—known as Boom—is still getting used to his new human body. His new form feels and needs things that his robot body never did, especially when he is around his new commanding officer, Hedy Quinton. His new emotions also make him realize something else—that his new form is fragile compared to his old one.

For Hedy, the pressures of command come into sharp conflict with the longings of her heart when Boom goes down to check out the weird happenings on an unknown planet. Things don’t go well down on the planet or up on the ship, making Hedy wonder if she should rethink her life’s choices.

Can their love survive a cosmic event, betrayal, and the secret of Boom’s past, or will they be destined to be lost in space?


Review of Cosmic Boom

Once again, I was swept off of my feet with another Project Enterprise adventure.  A feisty heroine (who is also sweet and polite) and an enigmatic robot-turned-human are joined by an AI ship, marines and scientists as they venture into unknown space.  Their mission is two-fold.  Escort a ship full of recently awakened cryosleepers home and try to establish contact via communication outposts in that quadrant.

Sounds like a pretty straight-forward mission.  But now let’s throw in a cosmic event that seems to be messing with space in a big way and then add a few heretofore unknown species out in that area of space.  Now, things have gone from straight-forward to Zigzagging with a capital ‘Z’.

Get ready to meet the Grikal, Fisse, and Niltu.  (Who comes up with these names?)  These are the alien races encountered along the way.  The trick will be to sort out the friendlies from the not-so-friendlies.  First contact is never boring, is it?  Then there are the scientists, representing the Gadi, Garradians and Earth.  Diversity at its scientific finest.

Captain Hedy Quinton is on her first command mission.   Hedy can’t decide which Starfleet captain she is should channel but mostly she seems to settle on Picard.  Mostly.   BoomerJ (Boom) is the human-who-was-a-robot and is learning more and more about being human – from interacting with humans and from reading romance and mystery books.   I was delighted by the many pop culture references centering around these two characters.  Mostly because I got most of them. 

Cosmic Boom is pure entertainment for anyone that enjoys a good adventure, a little mystery, some romance, hope and humor.

Cosmic Boom is another far, far away space adventure in Pauline Baird Jones’ Project Enterprise series.  Spanning 9 books, several galaxies, a myriad of civilizations, and dozens of sentient species there is no end to the possible stories that can be told by this author.  (I hope!)

Thanks to the author who kindly provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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