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About Fury of Persuasion by Coreene Callahan

A match made in hell. A love fated to last the test of time.

Spying on the Archguard landed Scottish dragon-warrior Vyroth in serious trouble. Imprisoned deep underground, he needs a miracle to get out alive. One arrives when a woman with secrets enters his prison cell. Will she agree to set him free—or run when the going gets tough?

Salvage hunter, Nicole Biscayne has experienced her fair share of hardship and knows how to make tough decisions. But when life throws up another roadblock, landing her in a Dragonkind prison, destiny turns the screw, giving her an ultimatum—save one of the warriors she fears or remain a prisoner forever.

Can two lost souls find freedom together? Or will sinister forces intervene before true love finds its fairytale? 


Review of Fury of Persuasion

As you start the book, it becomes obvious to a series reader that the events were set up in the last installment. However, a reiteration of the events leading up to the kidnapping and imprisonment of Vyroth, Nicole and Tempel will quickly get the reader on track. Escape is the first order of business.

There will be some pretty immediate attraction between Vryoth and Nicole. But Nicole is a cautious woman and Vyroth realizes that. Best to let the woman come to the dragon. The pace of the romance is measured, but quick enough in the 237 pages of this story. In the meantime, Vyroth has a nasty kidnapper to track down.

Tempel, a dragon from the Belarus pack, escapes with Vryoth and Nicole. He has his own set of problems. Shared struggles bond the dragons together. Or as Vyroth muses “Nothing better in the world than making a bad-tempered, vicious new friend.” I’m pretty sure Tempel will be featured in a future Dragonfury story.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Dragonfury book. In fact, Fury of Persuasion is the first of the Scotland series for me. Despite that, it was very easy to get back into the groove. Like all the books in the Dragonfury world, this one features tough, mean, don’t-mess-with-me male dragons and a tough, don’t-mess-with-me female human. So, a little comfort, with a lot of high-flying paranormal dragon action and steamy romance. This is a complete standalone story with a bit of a setup for the next book in the series.

Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy of this book through Booksprout in exchange for my honest review.



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