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About Catapult by Jody Wallace

Lincoln doesn’t want trouble. Briar is trouble personified.

Lincoln Caster owes everything he has to the Trash Planet recycling plant that hired him, allowing him to lead an uneventful life for a change. When he’s asked to plan a heist from a less than savory rival factory, he wonders if his checkered past is the only reason he got the job. That is, until he realizes the priceless item he’s been asked to steal will save a top-secret generation ship full of cryopreserved humans…and freakishly intelligent cats.

But first Lincoln has to seduce—or at least fool—the rival factory’s sales agent, cool, competent Briar Pandora, who may or may not be leading a double life as a corporate mole. He’ll have to trust her with the truth…unless her own agenda results in them becoming targets of a vicious intergalactic corporation that will stop at nothing in its quest to hijack generation ships and sell off their parts—and their passengers, be they human or feline.


Review of Catapult

The combination of scifi, romance and cats is irresistible. And if the cats are, as the book blurb says, “freakishly intelligent”…..well, it is impossible not to open this book.

Lincoln Caster knows the generation ship Catamaran is in dire need of maintenance. Parts needed to keep the ship’s cryo-sleeping human and feline inhabitants alive are nearly impossible to find. So when fortune puts the needed part within reach (well, more of a very long and dangerous stretch), Lincoln will do what he can for the good of the ship. When an attempt to purchase the part fails, Lincoln will have to turn to illegal means.

Lincoln likes to live by the rules (Yay for Lincoln!). To him, the thought of stealing causes discomfort. However, he is joined by the talking cat Mighty Mighty and Briar, the former saleswoman from whom he tried to buy the part. They think stealing is the only way. There is a plan you see. Every time I read that some one (human or feline) had a plan, I braced my self. Further fiascos, running, danger and humor always ensued.

The company that has the needed part has a board member (Briar’s arch-enemy) who is trying to sell the very part under the table. So add treachery to desperation and you get one mess after another.

And while all this is going on, Lincoln and Briar are – guess what? Yep, falling for each other. Opposites attract. Lincoln is reserved and straight-laced. Briar is bold and outrageous. They complement each other perfectly.

Mighty Mighty (or just one Mighty for short) is ever entertaining. Full of ‘good’ ideas that are naturally superior to any human ideas, Mighty takes charge. Sort of. Granted, Mighty can read and influence human minds,and spontaneously teleport. But truly, there is only so much a 5-kilogram (in case you are wondering, that’s about 11 pounds) 4-legged creature with no opposable thumbs can do. Since most of the galaxy is unaware of the existence of sentient cats (and it is best to keep it that way), Mighty needs his human friends to succeed. There is one particular hilarious scene where Mighty accidentally ‘inhales’ and forgets that he is supposed to remain unseen. Oops!

Catapult stands alone, but if you have read Catalyst, you will be familiar with some of the characters. This is the perfect book for cat-loving, sci-fi romance readers who appreciate a good laugh!



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