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Today, Cecilia Dominic is sharing the cover of her soon to be released book Shadows of the Sky.  This will be the 4th book in a series I have been enjoying called The Fae Files. Shadows of the Sky releases on June 29th.

About Shadows of the Sky

Reine thought she’d reached the end of her Path… As it turns out, her challenges have just begun.

After she and Lawrence are whisked away to the hospital in the gargoyle enclave of The Aerie, Reine is torn between her responsibilities back in her kingdom in Faerie and wanting to see Lawrence healthy and whole. Plus, almost losing him means she can’t ignore her feelings for him any more.

Now that Lawrence knows who killed his father, he’s searching for a new meaning in life. A certain green-eyed Fae makes him fantasize about domestic bliss, but he knows she’s loyal to her kind. Plus, his mom isn’t a fan of his Fae bond-mate.

Reine and Lawrence soon discover that The Aerie isn’t the idyllic mountain town its inhabitants want others to believe. Loose ends multiply as Reine searches for the source of the spell sucking the life out of the town. Can she and Lawrence work together to unmask the villain and free The Aerie? Or will their conflicting desires and responsibilities tear them apart…and spell the doom of gargoyle-kind?

If you like snarky heroines, complicated slow-burn romances, thrilling mysteries, and hot heroes with heart, you’ll love Shadows of the Sky. Preorder the book and escape into the vivid world of Cecilia Dominic’s spellbinding Fae Files series today!

Note: these books can be read in any order, but it’s best to start with book 1, The Shadow Project.



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If you haven’t read The Fae Files, now is a great time to start the series. The Shadow Project is currently on sale for 99 cents!

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