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Purple Reign

About Purple Reign by Evangeline Rain

She was a researcher forced into being a doctor by the war.  Would it change her?

Raev was a genius but being deaf made her lonely. She did her job better than anyone. Saving lives gave her purpose. It wasn’t enough.

The soldier was in disguise.  He was badly hurt.

She never thought twice about saving him, even though he was fighting for the other side and might try to kill her. Were the enemy as bad as everyone said?

There were two things she didn’t know about him.  Dominion fell for her the moment he saw Raev and his father was the tyrant trying to take over the world.  Could they survive what came next?


Review of Purple Reign

It has been a while since I read Fatal Extraction, book 1, but I remembered enough of it to recall the basics, especially with the Hayashi family.  I was a little shaky on Ranoff, which I am assuming is a country, and it’s place in the war.  At any rate, it is a geo-political territory warring with the Hayashi.

As soon as I started reading, I wondered why Raev was secretly helping the enemy (see book blurb), moving the patient from the hospital to her home.  Emphasis on the word ‘secretly’.  Yes, she wanted to save lives, but she could have done that in her own hospital.  Later I realized that Raev was ambivalent about which side was the better side.  More likely, she might have been choosing the lesser of two evils.  

Only it turned out that maybe Dominion is not evil.  Still, it will take a while for Raev to figure out which side she should be supporting, which adds a little good perplexity to the plot. Dominion, his family, and her family all pull at her to do the right thing.  Whatever that is.

Raev cannot hear.  It is not often the heroine of a story is deaf and I was pleased to see that Raev did not act as though this was a handicap.  And the fact that Dominion did not see this as a handicap also made him a great hero. 

Purple Reign can be read as a standalone or as part of the Chikara Revolution series.  It is short, less than 200 pages, so I found it the perfect distraction between longer books.  I am enjoying this series and hope to see what happens next. Dominion has brothers.  I’m just saying….  

Thanks to the author who sent me a copy of her book.



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Purple Reign