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About The Shadowed Path by Cecilia Dominic

Be careful what you wish for…

Exiled princess Reine’s return to Faerie isn’t what she hoped. First, she has to sneak in rather than enter in triumph. Second, she has to figure out what to do with a certain handsome gargoyle, who still hasn’t forgiven her or her brother for a major betrayal.

Third, someone in her grandmother’s court is trying to kill her.

As Reine travels the shadowed paths typically forbidden to those of the Light Court while evading a hidden, yet clever pursuer, she has to navigate her own interpersonal complications and face the truth about who and what she truly is. Otherwise, she’s guaranteed to lose the final battle against the powerful enemy who’s been pulling the strings all along, and Faerie will never be the same.


Review of The Shadowed Path

Having fulfilled the objective her mother had given her, Reine returns to Faerie.  In this mission to find her place in her homeland, Reine is accompanied by the witch, Kestral, who is looking to define her own powers. Also along for the journey are Ellerin, the mysterious sometimes helpful (sometimes not) gray fae who is the guide and John, Kestral’s father.

Going into The Shadowed Path, I was leery of the change of location.  I mean, the previous stories had taken place in a perfectly good location on earth – Atlanta.  Now, in book 3, Reine is in Fae land.  Turns out, this is just what Reine’s story needed.  Being in a magical land means anything is possible.

Faerie is dark, gray and light.  It is full of danger, adventure, magic and beauty.  The same might be said of Reine, whose Fae-ness will become increasingly apparent as the story moves on.

Gargoyle Lawrence is also back in the story, having followed Reine’s troop, ostensibly to protect his goddaughter, Kestral, and John.  In reality, he has not forgotten Reine, even though he feels betrayed by her (see the events of Shadows of the Heart).  In the first two books, I found it difficult to see how Lawrence would fit into Reine’s story.  But now I can say with certainty that he does.

A new character, the dark Fae Troubadour, adds mystery and possibilities to the story.

I can’t forget Sir Raleigh, the gimalkin/cat is a delightful character/pet.  He is usually just where he needs to be and can communicate with just a look (like most cats I know).  He is superior to humans (like most cats I know) and is not afraid to show it.

Before The Shadowed Path, I was concerned about Reine fulfilling her Fae destiny while still having a soft spot for earth and earth-bound people.  Lets just say that this part of the story has just begun and there is so much potential there. Now, more than ever, I am looking forward to the next part of the story!

Thanks to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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