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About Shadows of the Heart by Cecilia Dominic

She has one “simple” task to complete to earn her way back home. Too bad the monster she needs to capture is hunting her, too.

Nobody said Fae life was easy…

Reine has one minor loose end to tie up before she’ll be allowed to return to Faerie — an invisible soul-eating creature is on the loose at a major fantasy convention, and the hotel manager doesn’t believe in the paranormal.

As if living in a horror movie isn’t bad enough, Reine’s brother Rhys and the gargoyle she’s becoming too attracted to have some sort of history between them.

Instead of a “loose end,” Reine is dealing with the unraveling of her life. Can she embrace a side of herself she’s afraid to acknowledge and defeat the soul-eater in time to meet the conditions of her bargain to return to Faerie? Or will her life – as well as those of the convention-goers – be sacrificed for greed, ambition, and a good performance review?

Or worst of all, will love tempt her to stay on Earth?


Review of Shadows of the Heart

Shadows of the Heart is a continuation of the story of Reine’s journey to get back to her home.  Even though the Fae has lived in the human world for several centuries, she considers the Fae world to be her home.  Her mother has given her a quest.  Complete the quest and you can return home.

Does anybody have a problem with this?  We all know the Fae are not known for their forthrightness.  We are into book 2 and still, there is no homecoming in sight.

As of the end of the first book, The Shadow Project, Reine seemed not to embrace the Fae persona, perhaps due to the influence of her life among humans.  However, in Shadows of the Heart, Reine takes up her Fae personality a little more, thinking it will help her get what she wants.  Reine waffles between her Fae and human-like personalities.  She will need to figure out which is a more potent weapon against her adversary, the soul-eater.

This book also continues the romance between Reine and the gargoyle Lawrence.  Lawrence’s viewpoint has been added to the saga, with alternating perspective changes between chapters.  I appreciated getting a different viewpoint.  Having said that, I’m not feeling that Reine and Lawrence are meant for each other.  There is such a lack of trust.  I hope, eventually, I will be proved wrong.

Reine’s Fae brother is also a big player in this story.  Pick two words out of that last sentence.  “Fae” and “player”.  Rhys is a thorn in Reine’s side in more ways than one.   You can’t pick family.  By the end of the story, I still don’t know what to make of him.  I just hope Rhys does not break Reine’s heart.

Shadows of the Heart relies heavily on the reader having read The Shadow Project.  Attempts to bring the reader up to date lack details and therefore seem disjointed.  However, knowing everything that happened in book 1 is not critical to understanding events in book 2, so it is okay to jump into the series with Shadows of the Heart.  The third book, The Shadowed Path is anticipated in early 2021 and I will be ready to see how Reine’s mission progresses.

Thanks to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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