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I am delighted to be one of the first to reveal the this beautiful new cover of Sharon Lynn Fisher’s upcoming new release The Raven Lady.

If you click the book cover, you will end up on Amazon’s page for the paperback.  As of today, the Kindle version is not available for pre-order.  So if you are like me and that is your preference – patience!


I have much more today!  I am also pleased to welcome Sharon to Whiskey With My Book as my guest today.  One of Sharon’s hobbies is photography.  Several of her photo’s have really captured my interest, so I am delighted she is sharing some of them here today.  Welcome Sharon!

by Sharon Lynn Fisher

Riley suggested that I talk a little bit about my Instagram feed, and some of the magic of the world around me that I capture with my iPhone. I am 100% here for that, because right now I think we can all use a little magic.

I started my Instagram account a few years ago, but it’s only been over the last six months or so – after attending a workshop on Instagram for authors – that I sort of figured out how I wanted to use it. I had struggled with how to make it fun for me and interesting for the people who follow me, while also supporting my author brand.

I ended up marrying my interest in fairies, fantasy, and magic with my daily life and surroundings. Sometimes that translates to cozy fireside images, and other times to images (from my family’s small farm) that have a “fairy woodland” feel, as Riley described it – and that is exactly the mental lens I’m using when I head out with my phone on my daily walk. As a result, my feed has become richly colorful, with a play of light and shadow. And I’ve learned to pay attention to things I used to pass right by.

The beautiful place I call home also comes with some real-life perils – just a few weeks before the coronavirus began to impact all our lives, a mudslide rendered my community ATV-access only. A side benefit of my Instagram activity is that it helps me to lean into the magic that is all around me, which in turn helps to keep me grounded.

Below I’m sharing some of my favorite and most popular fairy woodland posts. You can see more on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sharonlynnfisherauthor/

This is a decorative pumpkin from TWO years ago! It sat outside on the ground for a long time. At one point it was still fully intact, while somehow completely hollowed out – there was only a tiny hole in it. Eventually part of it caved in, and that’s when I noticed it looked like a little fairy house, and I set it under this bush. I put a bit of moss inside to attract visitors.

One of my favorite photos of the beautiful filtered light in our wood – I think it gives it an enchanted quality. Even in the dead of winter, we still have brilliant color – it’s one of the best things about living here.

This was the year I discovered shelf fungus! (It has nothing to do with old books.) I’d of course noticed these on the trees before, but this winter, searching for more color variation for my posts, I started taking a closer look. This one looks to me like a little elf hat, or possibly a nose.

Last winter I took a series of “portal” photos, and this was by far the most popular with my followers. I love the drama of it, even though when I took it my husband and I were out for a leisurely afternoon stroll.

My girls LOVE building forts in the woods. They created this one shortly after we watched a few episodes of the reality show Alone, where people get dropped off in some remote area and have to survive on their own. We dubbed this one Fairy Fort, and you can even see a shy fairy peeking out from behind the tree.

This image definitely has that magical quality I’m always going for, with the play of light and dark, and that colorful bridge to the pot of gold. It’s also the only time I’ve ever caught a snowbow on camera!

This is Dusty! And one of the most popular images on my page that does not contain a person. Isn’t she a dear little goofball? She is super friendly and curious and we adore her.


About The Raven Lady

In the aftermath of Ireland’s battle with her ancient enemies, Queen Isolde orders her cousin, smuggler Duncan O’Malley, to assume the throne of fairy as King Finvara. He’s a fish out of water when it comes to nurturing the alliance between Ireland’s mortal and fairy peoples. And the queen wants him to wed the daughter of Ireland’s enemy, the king of Icelandic shadow elves, to help keep the peace. But the Irish think of the elves as goblins, and Finvara refuses.

Elven princess Koli, affronted by the king’s rejection—along with his decision to bring her to court as little more than a captive—vows vengeance. Shortly after her arrival, she uncovers a plot that would bring swift satisfaction. A dark and powerful fairy lord, Far Dorocha, wants to take Finvara’s crown and lead both the fairy and elven people to war against the Irish. And he wants Koli to help him.

It’s the perfect setup for revenge, but Koli soon discovers that Finvara’s not the haughty lord she believed him to be. And as she navigates treacherous waters inside the court, she gets glimpses of the magic and passion that have been slumbering inside her. She must choose a side in the new battle for Ireland—will it be the fearsome father she has served for nearly a century, or the fairy king who has helped awaken her to herself?


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