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About A Hint of Hope by Nita Round

Friends. Pirates. Slavers. Who can they trust? Their lives will depend upon it.

A notorious slaver has acquired the latest in airship design, an Imperial Condor Class transporter. This is a ship designed to change the world and if the slaver transforms it into a warship then no one will be safe. Anywhere.

Magda and Ascara have travelled the world as pirates. An attempt on their lives brings into question who can be trusted. Who is a friend? And who are their foes? With only themselves to rely upon they set out on a daring mission. They join forces with the pirates to stop the largest sale of slaves and gifted ones.

Can they rescue the slaves? Will they stop the creation of a super warship? And will their friendship be enough to survive against the odds?

This is the second prequel in the Towers of the Earth Fantasy series. It brings together many of the characters who are a part of the Towers series and fills in the details of how they come together.


Review of A Hint of Hope

A Hint of Hope continues the adventures of Magda and Ascara.  As of the end of A Pinch of Salt, they had hooked up with some unusual pirates.  In this new prequel, they’ve been with the pirates for a while.  “Pirates” may not be the best term to use, since they really do all aim for a greater good…..though their method of doing so may be a bit piratical.

The story starts with betrayal and quickly moves to a critical mission to save and free slaves and prevent a war.  The relationship of Magda and Ascara is strengthened and we learn more about both of them.  And the flirting continues.  But most importantly, we learn about the origin of that fabulous airship that graces the pages of the Raven, Fire and Ice, book 1 in this series (to be re-released in March as A Touch of Truth).  I love airships in my steampunk and this ship is one of the best!

A Hint of Hope is a prequel novella that is a complete story that stands on its own, but is even better as a part of the entire series.

The novella was a freebie for the subscribers of Nita Round’s newsletters.  I love this series, so I was thrilled to download this story and share my unbiased review.



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