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About A Pinch of Salt by Nita Round

A survivor with no memory and a warrior looking for her path unite against the pirate horde.

Two hundred soldiers walk into the burning sands of Gypta, but only a handful make it out. When Magda Stoner wakes in an infirmary halfway across the world, she discovers her memories of the desert are gone. Something happened that tore her mind and soul apart, and the only thing keeping her sane is the fact that she can’t remember a thing.

Ascara d’Jharaena ael Korphen is a warrior, not a soldier, and trying to fit herself into the lesser role at Veritas Traders has left her body battered and broken in the same infirmary where Magda recovers.

As they both mend, they meet a survivor of a pirate attack that included gifted attackers. Finding themselves without a unit or mission, they propose a daring plan to infiltrate the pirate horde and bring them to justice.

Can the pirates be stopped? Or will Magda and Ascara be caught before they even begin?

This is the first prequel in the Towers of the Earth fantasy adventure series.


Review of A Pinch of Salt

As a subscriber to Nita Round’s newsletter, I was treated to the opportunity to download a copy A Pinch of Salt.  Thanks to Ms. Round for that! I am a reader of her Towers of the Earth series, so I was excited to read this prequel novella and share my unbiased review.

If you have read and enjoyed the other books in her series, you will love A Pinch of Salt.  Magda and Ascara, younger and less wise, meet for the first time in a hospital, each recovering from their own unfortunate experiences.  Their backgrounds are brief, but vital.  Their initial meeting is just what you might expect (especially from the irrascible Ascara).  Flirting and friendship.  The mission they undertake is dangerous and vital to understanding these characters and where their relationship is headed, as well as a hint at the overall mission.

I loved this novella and, even if you have not read any other books in the series, I think you will enjoy it.

A note about the series.  Three novels, previously released as 1) Raven, Fire and Ice 2) Raven, Sand and Sun and 3) Raven, Storm and Shadow are going to be re-released in 2020.  According to the author’s website, you may anticipate another prequel, the 3 previously released novels and one more novel – all to be released between now and the end of May.  I will be looking forward to the progression of this series!



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