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Today I share part two of my audiobook highlights of 2019.  There are several audiobooks that I listened to in 2019 that I am featuring over a few posts.  Each has that one-two (sometimes one-two-three) combination of author and narrator(s) that makes them such great stories.  I’ve got a series of three (short) review posts planned:

  1. Freebie’s – Audiobooks that I won from an author, or were given away for the asking. For some reason (a reason that I will not question), authors are happy to give away Audible codes for their books. I tend to snatch them up.  Click on “Freebies” to see those reviews from November 21.
  2. Gotta Listen (I Love These Authors and Narrators) – Audiobooks from series I read in 2019 that must be experienced to be appreciated.
  3. Everything Else – Other recommended audiobooks, whether they are parts of series or standalones.

You will note that I use the word “short” to describe these reviews. With audiobooks, I do not take notes, highlight text or underline passages that I want to be sure to include in a review. I just listen. So, these reviews will be short and to the point. The book blurb will be longer!

In “short”, I liked all of these audiobooks and would recommend every one of them!


Today’s Reviews – Gotta Listen (I Love These Authors and Narrators).  If any of these sound good, click on the cover to find the book or audiobook on Amazon.

Gotta Listen to these series because the narrators are so phenomenal. I’ve been listening to both of these series for a few years. Once I started with the audiobook version, I could not go back to plain old reading.

Listed below are the installments that made my 2019 reading list.

Charley Davidson
by Darynda Jones
read by Lorelei King

The Curse of the Tenth Grave (#10)

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (#11)

The Trouble with the Twelfth Grave (#12)

Summoned to the Thirteenth Grave (#13)

Series and Narration – 5 stars

I stopped fighting my inner demons. We’re on the same side now. T-shirt

Everybody’s favorite grim reaper, Charley Davidson is the smartest, sassiest and funniest private detective that sees dead people, talks to them and helps them cross over. Satan’s son is her boyfriend (and later husband and father of her child), evil is always on her tail and she has the best friends in the world!

I started on this series in 2013 when I won the audiobook of Fifth Grave Past the Light. In addition to finding this great series, I discovered Lorelei King. What an amazing storyteller. After that, I could not actually readwithmy eyes any more Charley Davidson books. Well I did readwithmyeyes The Dirt on the Ninth Grave and the only thing I can say is that Lorelei King is Charley Davidson, as her voice was ever present in my head as I read the book.

Darynda Jones wrapped up the series this past year and, during 2019, I read #9 and downloaded the last four books in the series from my library’s e-book/ audiobook provider. It was almost a binge read of the last 5 books. By the end of the series, Charley has grown to be a combination of humble detective and all powerful god who is not afraid to use her powers (for good). The finale was a bit over the top for me, but probably appropriate for how Charley was developing as a character. Still, Charley Davidson will remain one of my all-time favorite characters of paranormal fictiondom.


The Chronicles of St. Mary’s
by Jodi Taylor
read by Zara Ramm

And Now for Something Completely Different (#9.7)

Hope for the Best (#10)

When Did You Last See Your Father (#10.5)

Series and Narration – 5 stars

History, tea, time travel, humor – or is that humour? This is such a compelling combination of story elements, I absolutely cannot resist this series. It is better than Doctor Who. I know, I did a detailed analysis.

Passionately committed to telling the story, Zara Ramm delivers narrations that have you weeping, laughing out loud and engrossed so deeply into the story that you will wonder if your need to work, eat and sleep are the fiction instead of The Chronicles of St. Mary’s.

Of course, Ms. Ramm talent shines so much because of the words of Jodi Taylor.  Ms. Taylor has created the most endearing, cheeky, passionate, and intelligent character in Max. Oh, Max is not perfect and that is what makes these tales so delightful. And traumatic. And delightful!

…frankly, Jodi Taylor is an amazing storyteller and it is impossible not to get completely and irreversibly immersed in the plight of Madeline Maxwell, or Max, as she is known to just about everybody. The Chronicles of St. Mary’s is really Max’s story. Her life, her death, her life again, her friends, her lover, her adventures, the danger, and the outrageous fun that she and her cohorts at St. Mary’s have every day.” (I quoted myself – see the Doctor Who link above.)

And Now for Something Completely Different is the annual Christmas tale that lets us normal people know that we are just not doing the holiday as it ought to be done!  I reviewed this one back in March.

In Hope for the Best, a tenuous relationship with the time police keeps Matthew safe but Max, Leon and the rest of the gang on their toes in their latest adventures.  Hunting Clive Ronan and fixing time are the objectives in in this story. What could possibly go wrong?

When Did You Last See Your Father may be my favorite of the shorts.  What would happen if Leon were to meet Max’s father?  Expect tears and elation!

This series is far from done.  I have Doing Time, the first book of the spin-off series (The Time Police), on my Kindle and have pre-ordered the next short story in the St. Mary’s series, Why is Nothing Ever Simple. I am a dedicated fan!