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About Alien Redeemed by Marie Dry

On a harsh alien planet, in a faraway galaxy, Sarah, a gentle human woman, is determined to start a new life, far away from the hardship she endured on Earth and the pitying glances of her friends.

Once on Zyrgin, Sarah finds that, instead of being the empress and helpmeet at the side of the Zyrgin leader, she is merely his breeder. She is trapped in a gilded cage, not allowed to go out and interact with the other women on the planet, until she’s proven her loyalty to the empire by birthing Zaar’s child. After her traumatic experiences in the raider camps, and the resultant PTSD, Sarah doubts she could ever make love to her Zyrgin warrior.

Zaar assures her he has a superior plan to cure her of her problem. But is he able to reach through all the barriers Sarah has erected against true intimacy?


Review of Alien Redeemed

Sarah has gone through some terrible things in her past and, although Zaar is of the opinion that the people who wronged her deserve the worst, he is at a loss as to how to “fix” her.  Zaar thinks he is able to fix everything.  He is THE Zyrgin after all. Hmmph! 🙂

Sarah and Zaar have so much to learn about each other.  My favorite part about the Zyrgin Warriors series is where the Zyrgin warrior and the human woman must overcome vast cultural differences.  Sometimes it is frustrating, sometimes it is funny.  It is always entertaining.

Zaar says things like “walk a step behind me, you are my breeder, I am the ruler of all the know galaxies and soon to be ruler of the unknown galaxies.”

Sarah responds with, “no, call me parena (empress)”, and an eye roll.

It takes a bit to get them speaking the same language.

And then something terrible (danger) comes between Zaar and Sarah.  Of course, there must be some peril to overcome – and a way for Zaar to prove that he is the ruler of all the know galaxies and soon to be ruler of the unknown galaxies.  I love his arrogance, whether it is deserved or he is merely exaggerating his skills.

Between the escape from peril and the end of the book, Sarah was overly sentimental.  Yes, it was probably in character for her, but it made the ending drag a bit.

The Zyrgin Warriors series is such a fun series.  I recommend it for anyone that enjoys Scifi Romance with heart and humor.  Alien Redeemed is great addition to that series!

Thanks to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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