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About Equinox by Tabitha Lord

After a brutal civil war, Almagest is finally at peace, but the larger battle isn’t over. Dr. Caeli Crys has been captured by the Drokarans, feared enemy of the Interplanetary Alliance, who plan to use her unique telepathic gifts for their own sinister purposes.

Captain Derek Markham and his elite team of operatives race after Caeli, but soon find themselves trapped behind enemy lines on an occupied world. Despite the mounting danger, Derek will stop at nothing to save the woman he loves.

As events spiral toward a conflict that will define the fate of the Alliance, the Horizon team will be pushed to the limits of their strength—and discover that the greatest threat of all may come from an enemy within.


Review of Equinox

Caeli and Derek still have so much to go through before they can relax and enjoy their life together. They find this out at the beginning of Equinox when Caeli is kidnapped by the Drokarans. When Derek and his team attempt to rescue Caeli, they learn some disturbing information. Their view of their own past is now completely upended. I like how this revelation sets off the rest of the story. There will be several more missions, lots of action, and lots of danger for the characters I have connected with in the first two books of the Horizon series.

When reading the final book of a series, I am always a little nervous. Will all the characters get a HEA? Will it even really end? Will the author wrap things up in a way that will have me saying – “That was good!”

The main thing I was looking for in the finale is the final part of the history of Almagest, which was revealed in pieces through old data files in the first 2 books. At the end of book 2, I was left to do some speculation and I can report I was pretty close on the origin of the Novali (the empaths) and the Drakorans (the physically stronger humans). I won’t say more because you will want to read that for yourself.

Beyond that, the final chapter of the Horizon series took me places I would never have imagined. It was not so much a wrap up as it was another story with a complex plot that just happens to end with no more questions. There was so much going on that the story seemed a bit rushed in places. I think the author could easily have added 50 pages and it would not have made the novel too long. On the other hand, the fast pace got me to the exciting conclusion quickly since I had a hard time putting my Kindle down.  And then I said “That was good!”

If you haven’t started the Horizon series, the first book, also called Horizon, can be purchased for the low price of $.99. This would be a great series to binge read! I highly recommend reading the series from the beginning.



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