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About More Than Stardust by Vivien Jackson

She never wanted to be a god. She only wanted to be a girl.

Chloe, a self-aware, highly illegal nanorobotic artificial intelligence knows a thing or two about wanting.The growing Machine Rebellion wants her to become its god. The technocratic global Consortium wants to cage her, take her apart, and reverse-engineer her. Her family wants to keep her a secret. Her best friend Garrett wants her safe.

Chloe is a thing made of wants. And it’s time the world knew hers.


Review of More Than Stardust

Not even a complete chapter into More Than Stardust, and I knew this was going to be one heck of a fun ride!

Readers of the series already know a little about Chloe and Garrett. These two characters have had smaller roles in the first two books, but I just knew they were cool people. After all, they are hanging out with Heron and company, or as Chloe and Garrett tend to think of that gang – their family.

Not related by blood, but by circumstances and actions, this gang has saved the world more than once. This time, Chloe starts the story with a bang by saving the world again, when unknown forces start attacking, well, everywhere. They mistake they made was attacking Chloe’s home.

An early crisis and resolution had me thinking, where is the story going from here? Well, you might as well know, there will be another opportunity to save the world, but along the way, Garrett and Chloe are going to get closer than they ever have. Yes – to what you are thinking….

I love the development of the relationship between Chloe and Garrett. Though they have been best friends for years, there is still so much to learn about each other, each confronting their own doubts and longings. An AI and a human. Can this really work out? So, going into this, I think we all know they are fated to be together. The really interesting part is how it all works.

So much imagination went into figuring out how to get Chloe and Garrett together, I would love to tell you about it, but that would take the fun out of reading. And just when you think the romance has worked out, something happens to spoil the fun.

The fun spoilers are the Consortium. The Consortium has a lot of plans and not only do they want Chloe, but they don’t want the rest of Chloe’s family (alive). Chloe is not going to be happy about that! A self-aware, highly illegal, nanorobotic, artificial intelligence who has Garrett, a pilot with killer techno-gearhead skills, for a friend will be a force for the Consortium to reckon with.

While the story belongs to both Chloe and Garrett, Chloe is the character who gets most of my attention. Chloe’s nanobite technology is both an asset and a liability, which just adds to the depth of the character and helps her to develop more human feelings. At times she is god-like and other times she is so very human.

I feel like this third book is the boldest in the Wanted and Wired series. I refer to Ms. Jackson’s writing style, which can be irreverent, quirky, unconventional, and just plain ungrammatical, reflecting how her characters think and act. I saw this in all three books, but this attitude blooms in More Than Stardust. It brings emotion to the story in a way complete sentences do not.

More Than Stardust can be read as standalone if you have not read the first two books in the series. But, really, I recommend all three, in whatever order you like, for lawless, lively and lovely adventures.

Many thanks to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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