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About A Stranger’s Promise by Tarah Scott

Penniless and jilted, Charlotte Atchenson accepts a position as governess to Lord Alistair Cassilis ’s illegitimate children. When Eliza sets foot in the Scottish lord’s carriage, she faces the most dangerous foe a woman can face: a charming rogue. The danger is not only to her heart, however, but to her life, as well.

In an effort to deny her son’s illegitimate children, Alistair’s stepmother insists on a dour governess who will break their rebellious spirits. Alistair, however, decides that the pretty lass with a colorful French vocabulary who shows up in his stepmother’s drawing room is exactly what the children need. If the notion offends his stepmother, all the better. If the lass is what he needs…well, a man can’t ask for more. His stepmother doesn’t intend for Alistair to open his heart to her grandchildren, or the woman who cares for them. Her plans include forcing them onto the streets.


Review of A Stranger’s Promise

I loved this story. It’s got all the good stuff you need in a romance set in the early nineteenth century. A lovely, intelligent heroine whose father left her penniless. A society that provide almost no support for a single woman. A need for a governess for two adorable children. At least they have potential to be adorable – they start out a little bratty. And a handsome Scottish lord for a hero.

You have the feeling that when Lord Alistair first met Charlotte, he immediately saw her potential. As a governess and as someone he very much wanted to get to know. But Charlotte only sees an employer. Well, a very handsome and personable employer.

Early in the story there is a scene with Alistair and Charlotte and some whiskey that was fun. Read by narrator Stevie Zimmerman, it was hilarious. Ms. Zimmerman’s interpretation of Alistair (with a lovely, slight Scottish accent) and Charlotte was delightful in this scene and in the entire book. Her rendition of the aggravating stepmother rounds out the cast quite nicely.

While Alistair’s stepmother tries to prove he is not the legitimate heir, Charlotte charms her way into the hearts of the children and Alistair. For someone with no experience as a governess, she is nicely inventive when it comes to getting what she wants from the children. Smart girl. And she knows French. Well, a few French words. Colorful words. Oh my! I did enjoy Charlotte’s delightful tendency to speak her mind. Which annoys the annoyingly well-bred society. But enchants all the people that really count.

A Stanger’s Promise is a truly delectable. Pure fun with a happy ending. What more can you ask for?

Thanks to the author who provided a copy of this audiobook in exchange for my honest review.



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