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About Midnight on the River Grey by Abigail Wilson

She knew the house was keeping secrets. If only the darkness would speak…

After her elder brother’s mysterious death, Rebecca Hunter vows to expose the man she believes responsible: Mr. Lewis Browning—known by the locals as the Midnight Devil and by Rebecca as her new guardian.

Summoned to his reclusive country estate to await her London season, Rebecca plans her own secret investigation among the darkened corridors of the mysterious Greybourne Hall. Yet Lewis Browning is not as she once imagined, and his motivation is horribly unclear. Recurrent night-mares and Rebecca’s restless feelings are further complicated by the shadow of her mother’s pri-or descent into madness and whether she, too, will follow the same heartbreaking path.

Even as midnight rides, strange injuries, and further murders lead back to Mr. Browning, Rebec-ca can’t ignore the subtle turn of her heart. Has she developed feelings for the man she swore to see hanged? And moreover, can she trust him with her uncertain future?


Review of Midnight on the River Grey

This historical mystery/romance has everything I look for in this genre. The strong heroine who must overcome her 19th century restrictions. The atmospheric setting – this time a country manor with fog, forest, barking dogs and gunshots. And a hero who is not what he appears to be. Add an unexplained death, mysterious meetings between neighbors, midnight rides and missing bottles of wine and you have a tale to keep you imaging all sorts of possible outcomes, right up to the last bit of the story.

In most stories of this type, the protagonists are young and attractive, so of course, they are going to live happily ever after. I really enjoyed seeing the older woman, Aunt Jo who is Rebecca’s companion, get her HEA also! Having a sweet dog, Sophie, in the story doesn’t hurt my opinion either.

Midnight on the River Grey takes place in the same time period as Ms. Wilson’s first book, In the Shadow of Croft Towers. There is a teeny bit of overlap between the two novels – from an historical perspective. But they are completely standalone stories. It was just nice to see that bit of continuity.

Abigail Wilson has made her mark in my literary brain. After reading her first two books I am, undeniably, a fan.

Through Netgalley, the publisher provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



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