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About Cats of War by Carol Van Natta

A tarnished military Subcaptain, a repair technician hiding from her past, and two genetically engineered cats join must forces to save an important factory.

Military Subcaptain Kedron Tauceti counts the days until he can leave the rare metals factory and his current duty station as the liaison to the galactic government’s Criminal Restitution and Indenture Obligation system. The post was protection—and punishment—for exposing a theft ring during his previous assignment. He’s more than ready to get his career back on track on a new base halfway across the galaxy, even if it means leaving behind the one person who makes him want to stay. Not that he’s told her, because technically, he’s her warden.

Former financial specialist and current indenturee Ferra Barray, hiding from her past, only has three months to go on her restitution sentence. She’s lucked into a tech repair job. If she keeps her head down, she’ll soon be free to figure out her future. Unfortunately, the local shark behind every illegal scheme in the facility wants her to steal for him, and she’s running out of excuses. And now the heroically handsome Tauceti, who she hoped could help, is transferring out.

Everything changes when Ferra discovers two genetically modified cats. Saving them takes incredible risks. She doesn’t know what she’ll do if she can’t convince Tauceti to rescue the cats and keep them until she’s free to come for them.

But when trouble erupts at the factory, it might just be the cats who save them.

NOTE TO READERS: Cats of War debuted in the limited edition Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3 anthology. It has been edited for clarity, but is substantially unchanged from the original.


Review of Cats of War

This is the second time I have read Cats of War. The first time, it was part of the Pets in Space 3 anthology. Now available as a stand alone novella, the second time reading this story, I enjoyed it just as much, if not more than the first time. Like the book, my review has not changed substantially from the first time I wrote about it. 😊

Cats of War by takes place in the galaxy of telepaths, telekinetics and patterners where not having those skills seems to be a major handicap, but having them puts one on the CPS radar. In this story, we have two people who have avoided the CPS trap, but find that sometimes, using your talent for good is worth taking the risk.

Our hero, Kedron, is a quiet nerd (I do love the quiet nerds!) who is trying to stay under the radar until he can get off this planet. He has noticed Ferra, but is not sure if he should open up to the lovely techie. He is pretty sure he should not. That doesn’t keep him from saving up week’s work of technical issues that will require her attention.

Ferra is the heroine who is dodging a past by doing time – voluntarily – as an indentured worker. Kedron is definitely out of her league, but when his repair requests put them together, she can’t help but think he is more than he appears to be.

Their mutual attraction goes unnoticed, mostly, until circumstances force them to spend more time together. Whether it is fixing technical problems with dubious causes, saving animals or fending off the gangster indenturees, Kedron and Ferra make a good team. I think you could say they have chemistry.

Wait – I haven’t mentioned the critters yet. Cats. Flying cats. Flying chameleon cats. Flying chameleon telepathic cats. How cool is that?! The cats are some of the animals that needed rescuing and they quickly worm their way into the hearts of Ferra and Kedron and the reader.

I am a big fan of the Central Galactic Concordance series, but the two Pets in Space stories, Pet Trade and Cats of War may be my favorites. Sci-fi reading animal lovers, this book is for you!

Thanks to the author for providing a copy of Cats of War in exchange for my unbiased interview.



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