The SciFi Romance Galaxy Awards for 2018 will be handed out tomorrow, January 31, starting at 10am EST.  Organizer Laurie Green has done all the hard work (Thank you Laurie!) of putting the event together and has a schedule of 8 posts to go out throughout the day.  Here is the schedule so you can keep up with the goings on tomorrow:

 8 AM Eastern – Welcome Message and Introduction
10 AM Eastern – Round 1: Jo Jones
11 AM Eastern – Round 2: Riley Moreland
12 PM Eastern – Round 3: Heather Massey
  1 PM Eastern – Round 4: Lee Koven
  2 PM Eastern – Round 5: Marlene Harris
  3 PM Eastern – Round 6: Chris Stock
  4 PM Eastern – Round 7: KJ Van Houten


Can you tell?  I am excited!  Two reasons.  1) I am a judge and I got to pick some exceptional fiction to be included on the awards list.  WWMB review contributor KJ VanHouten is a judge this year also, so this blog is well represented.  2) Since each judge gets to pick their own unique list of exceptional fiction, there are sure to be even more books that I will need to add to my TBR.  Ooof.  Oh well, it is snowy and icy.  What else would I do but read?  (Actually, I can come up with a reason to read in every type of weather. 🙂 )

If you would like to learn more about these awards, check out the SFR Galaxy site.  While you are there, you can follow the blog so that you will get all the award announcements.

Also, I will be posting my picks tomorrow and all the picks on Friday.  So if you are a WWMB follower, you will get all the award winners right here!

If you could choose a SFR Galaxy Award winner, which book would you pick?