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About Twelfth Night with the Earl by Anna Bradley

When a headstrong beauty clashes with the man she once loved, she’s determined that the spirit of Christmas will open his mind, heal his heart, and perhaps give them a reason to celebrate—for many seasons to come . . .

As far as Ethan Fortescue is concerned, his family’s seat in Cornwall is only a source of torment, one that he’s managed to avoid for two years. Now that he’s the Earl of Devon however, he can close the door on his haunted past by locking up the cursed place for good. But upon arriving at Cleves Court, he is shocked to find the house aglow with Christmas celebrations, filled with music and laughter. And right at the center of the holiday madness is the infuriating—and eternally tempting—Theodosia Sheridan . . .

Thea has always loved the town of Cleves, especially at the holidays. As a girl, she also loved Ethan with all her heart. It’s painful to see how his brother’s tragic death has embittered him. Still, she will do anything to make sure the town thrives—even if it means going to battle with Ethan to save Cleves Court. Now she has only until Twelfth Night to make a Christmas miracle happen—by proving that his childhood home can be a source of love and wonder. But before long, she finds herself wondering if she’s trying to save the house—or its handsome master…


Review of Twelfth Night with the Earl

I got this book through a giveaway from the author last year. And then ran out of time to read and review it before Christmas. So I was determined to read it this year!

Twelfth Night with the Earl is a delightful novella length story for the Christmas season. Thea is a strong heroine who will do what is necessary to convince curmudgeon Ethan to keep Cleves Court. The home where both grew up has so many memories, good and bad, for both Thea and Ethan. But it is Ethan that has had so many unhappy experiences there. Thea connives to get Ethan to remember the good things about Cleves Court. I know, a conniving heroine does not sound good. But trust Thea. I did.

There are also three adorable, if a little bratty, children. OK, a lot bratty.  There was one little imp that needed to be sent to her room without any supper. Early in the book. It did not bode well. And I almost took an instant dislike to the child. Brattiness works only if the adults are strong disciplinarians, and ultimately, Thea and Ethan keep them in line so it is okay to fall in love with the little devils.

If you enjoy historical romances, read Twelfth Night with the Earl for a few hours of pure reading pleasure. You will be glad you did.



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