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About Worry Beads by Pauline Baird Jones

Laura Baker has seen a lot during her job as a New Orleans EMT. She has responded to just about every type of emergency known to man. An unexpected act of kindness during one call puts her on the news—and her life and heart at risk.

Archie Gunn receives an unexpected tip sends him to the beautiful and mysterious city of New Orleans. His trip opens up more than he expects –and a bayou full of danger. There is a lot going on in New Orleans and it isn’t all good times and Mardi Gras.

Download the latest installment of The Big Uneasy series and discover what happens in New Orleans can be downright deadly!


Review of Worry Beads

My favorite thing about this book is the fact that the hero, Archie, is such a big unknown for most of the book. Oh, we know he is a good guy. But we don’t even know his profession, so his background is not crystal clear. So, should we like him for Laura. Or not? Hmm.

Having said that, we also have a Baker protagonist. That is always a good thing. Mainly because it comes with not one Baker, but a baker’s dozen of Bakers. This family has a big chunk of the market on crime solving in New Orleans. Readers of The Big Uneasy series know what I am talking about. In this family, the cop line of ‘need to know’ is a hard one to follow. It’s a family thing.

In Worry Beads, Zach (Baker dad) and his girlfriend (Becca) are responsible for setting Laura and Archie up on a blind double date. While Archie may have taken a shine to Laura at hello, he is also interested in her because he saw her on the news wearing some Mardi Gras beads that look very interesting. Trouble is, a lot of people saw the news and also think the bead are interesting. So the adventure begins.

Despite the blind date being only a diversion for Archie who is only in town for a short time, the couple end up spending quite a bit of time together. Chasing clues or being chased. And how do they end up together? I blame the nobody-is-good-enough-for-my-daughter Zach. Really, you have to read the book, but I think you can see it. A little bit ironic, I think. 🙂

That feelings develop between Archie and Laura is inevitable.  Isn’t that why I wanted to read this story in the first place? Plus, the Mardi Gras Beads Mystery. It is a great combination. Humor, romance and pure charm mix with mystery and suspense in New Orleans. Sound good? Yep!

One more thing – Bread Pudding. Yum!

The author provided a copy of her book in exchange for my honest review.



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