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Continuing a series of giveaways, the timing for this go round results in a special treat between two holidays for a couple of lucky winners.

Lee Koven is offering like-new copies of Tiffany Roberts’ Dustwalker and Bec McMaster’s Nobody’s Hero (Burned Lands, #1).  I loved both of these books. Both books are SFR Galaxy Award winners.  As a matter of fact, Nobody’s Hero won two awards (selected by both Lee and myself).  Lee has such good taste in books. 🙂  I think you will agree!

Both of these books have had cover changes since their award.  Not that they needed it.  New covers are presented here for your perusal.

For those that are interested, here are the original covers.  Personally, I like them  better.  I think it is because I read them under these older covers, so I have an emotional tie to them.  Which cover(s) do you like?

The second prize in the giveaway will be an MP3 audiobook of Amanda Quick’s The Mystery Woman (The Lades of Lantern Street, #2).  Historical mystery and romance from Ms. Quick is always a winner!



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Click on the link to enter the giveaway.  There are three options that say ‘Invent your own option.”, but I’ve already done the inventing.  Just select them and respond.  In addition to the Rafflecopter entries, comments on blog posts between now and December 3 will also count as an entry.

Good luck to everyone!


Terms and Conditions

Not much risk to enter. These prizes are gently used goods, so there is no guarantee of condition.

If you win, you will be contacted and asked to provide a mailing address. It must be a US or Canada address. Sorry about that, but the costs of mailing elsewhere are pretty prohibitive.

Speaking of mailing, we are at the mercy of the post office. Delivery is as expected for anything you yourself would mail. So, pretty good, natural disasters not withstanding. I trust the US post office.

Winners will be announced on the original contest blog post. So, if you win, expect to see your name in print.

You are responsible for any tax implications your prize may incur. I am going to say none, but I won’t guarantee it. You are on your own.