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About Howls and Hallows

You’re invited to the All Hallows Ball.
*Werewolves prohibited.

Busy tracking down thieving werewolves in London, Clemeny is surprised when Edwin asks her to lead a new case in the Fenlands of east England.

The Cabell family is haunted by a curse. Something in the misty moors surrounding Cabell Manor has come howling just days before the exclusive All Hallows Ball. How gauche. But London’s best agent is on the case.

Clemeny soon finds herself learning the ropes of polite society while hunting an apparition on the foggy fens. She’ll need to solve the case quickly if she hopes to be the belle–not the bruiser–of the ball.

Continue Clemeny’s adventures in Howls and Hallows, a Halloween-themed tale. Journey to gaslamp London in the 19th century in this steampunk retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale by New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak.


Review of Howls and Hallows

Clemeny is a brave and smart agent of the Red Cape Society. As a favor to her boss Edwin, she agrees, along with agent Harper, to check out the goings on at Cabell Manor, home to Lord Edison Cabell and his sister Lady Charlotte, friends of Edwin. It seems the family curse has been activated again and Edison, as the heir, may be in big trouble.  Lady Charlotte would like this nasty business taken care of before the annual All Hallows Ball being held at the manor soon.

Howls are heard by just about everyone at that manor. There is more going on than meets the typical human eye, but Clemeny’s mooneye can see just a bit more. She senses supernatural beings. The fen covered land complicates the investigation with wetlands and fog all around. The setting and the howls make for a creepy Halloween tale that is mysterious and fun.

Howls and Hallows is actually book 5 of the series. Because Halloween is right around the corner, I jumped right in with #5.  While I did feel I would have benefited from reading the rest of the series, there was plenty there to provide a complete story just perfect for Halloween week.  I am going back to book 1 now.

I love Melanie Karsak’s steampunk stories and Howls and Hallows is a perfect addition to her repertoire. If you are looking for a sinister seasonal saga, I recommend Howls and Hallows.



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