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I am going to try something new on WWMB today and for the next few months.  A monthly giveaway.

This all started when I was contacted by my friend Lee Koven.  Lee is a fellow SFR Galaxy Awards judge and once she joined me for a joint interview with a favorite author, Bec McMaster.  We have very similar taste in great books!

Lee loves to explore cultural, technological, and human possibilities, so she also loves to read and discuss science fiction romance. Her other hobbies include music composition, playing and making video games, and writing. A computer programmer and server admin by trade, Lee resides near Boston with her partner and many robots.

Lee likes print books but once she has read them, loves to share them.  So she asked if I wanted to do a monthly giveaway for her like-new and gently used books that a Whiskey With My Book follower might enjoy.  Sound good?  Yes!

For each giveaway, I will be adding an MP3 audiobook to the prizes to be won.  So put down your e-reader, walk away and cross your fingers.  There will be one print book winner and one audiobook winner.  The contest will be open for two weeks.  Feel free to share with your friends.

Due to postage costs, the contests will be open to folks with a US or Canada mailing address.

The first contest book is actually two Scifi Romance books: The Rule of Luck and The Chaos of Luck by Catherine Cerveny.  The Rule of Luck is the winner of two SFR Galaxay Awards. These are the first two books in what is so far a three book series, Felicia Sevigny.  I thought they were great (click on titles for my reviews), mostly because of the highly original plot!  The third book in the series, The Game of Luck was recently released and is on my TBR list.

The contest audiobook is Phantom Evil by Heather Graham.  Ms. Graham’s Krewe of Hunters books are a cool combination of contemporary mystery solved by traditional detectives and a bit of the paranormal.  Phantom Evil is actually the first book in the series.  I have read a few more Krewe books and found they are all standalone, no cliffhangers and each a very good story.  Great for Halloween season!


Add these books to your Goodreads shelf:

Catherine Cerveny’s Felicia Sevigny series

Phantom Evil by Heather Graham

In case you don’t win, consider purchasing these books:


Click Here:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note:  There are four chances to win, each is labeled ‘Invent Your Own Option’.  You don’t really have to invent anything.  I already did that.  Go ahead, give it a try!

Terms and Condition

Not much risk to enter. These prizes are gently used goods, so there is no guarantee of condition.

If you win, you will be contacted and asked to provide a mailing address. It must be a US or Canada address. Sorry about that, but the costs of mailing elsewhere are pretty prohibitive.

Speaking of mailing, we are at the mercy of the post office. Delivery is as expected for anything you yourself would mail. So, pretty good, natural disasters not withstanding. I trust the US post office.

Winners will be announced on the original contest blog post. So, if you win, expect to see your name in print.

You are responsible for any tax implications your prize may incur. I am going to say none, but I won’t guarantee it. You are on your own.