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Review by K.J. Van Houten

Review of Collision

Collision is book three of Kirk’s Prophecy series. I definitely recommend reading books 1 and 2 first, to get a better sense of the ‘world’ of this series. Collision does not include a lot of detail about how the various species of Terrans, Matirians, and Anferthians have come together on the galactic stage. Unfortunately, there may be some spoilers for those books in this review.

Collision is the story of Flora Bock, whom we met in book 1 as a young child, orphaned in the invasion of Earth by the Anferthians. This book also starts out with Flora as a young child, but past the events of books 1 and 2, and she is now the adopted daughter of Alex and Gryf (whom we met in book 1), and there is peace after the war. But even a child continues to hold dislike and distrust for the Anferthian species that had invaded and destroyed the family she was born into, so it is no surprise she doesn’t want to participate in diplomacy of her adopted parents as they prepare to greet the arriving Anferthian ambassador K’nil. And she’s already prepared to dislike Fander, the ambassador’s grandson, who is arriving with him. The instant she and Fander exchange gazes, Flora’s fears seem confirmed as she hears an internal roar and the world spins, and for the first time ever, she faints. No surprise she’s surly and gives him a black eye the next day. It is a surprise, however, that he lies and covers for her so she doesn’t get into a lot of trouble for it.

Thus begins an uneasy friendship. Maybe a childhood that fluctuates between dislike and friendship is a better description. With not a lot of childhood around, Flora and her adopted brother and sister find themselves frequent playmates with Fander, who is learning a lot about the Terran culture he is in now. Maybe it’s no wonder that by the time Flora and Fander both reach 15, they’ve become close friends. Possibly more, if their one brief kiss hadn’t ended when Flora’s uncle found them together. Possibly more if this discovery hadn’t resulted in Fander being sent back to Anferthia, away from Terr and Flora for what seemed forever.

Part 2 of Collision jumps 9 years into the future, to Flora’s 24th birthday. Flora is now working with Ambassador K’nil, pursuing her own diplomatic career, and she’s eager for her new assignment which will send her away from Terr. She’s hoping for Anferthia, in part because she still feels a strong bond toward Fander and wants to see him again. She’s also looking for an explanation for why she has intense dreams that include Fander – the grown-up Fander she’s never seen or communicated with in person, his grandfather their only connection. Then, right before her eyes, just as he’s about the reveal some information about Anferthia he’s been withholding from her, the Ambassador is assassinated, Flora barely escaping with her own life.

The life she’s known is upended. She’s hiding the secret reliquary the Ambassador passed to her as he died. A treasure that she learned can be used as a distant communication device as the Ambassador had her use it as he lay dying to connect with Fander on Anferthia. Flora learns she is a target for assassination AND the Anferthians’ number one suspect for the Ambassador’s murder. Fander realizes he needs to return to Terr to protect her, which means revealing his own secrets.

Collision continues with the story of how Flora and Fander meet again, revelation that Fander is more than Flora realized, and the understanding of the bond between them that remains as strong as ever, if not stronger. Against a backdrop of political intrigue and fast-paced action, Flora and Fander find love does conquer all, including prejudice and greed.

Bottomline: Each book in the Prophecy series seems to be better than the previous, which, considering how much I enjoyed book 1, isn’t an easy thing to do. Lea Kirk definitely deserves high praise for the quality of her writing and the solidity of her stories. Worth double every cent I spent on the purchase.


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